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IHIC 2006: Implementation of v3

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Whiteboard with Questions

Those present during the "Implementing v3" tutorial presented at the IHIC 2006 conference in Cologne raised a number of questions, which were jotted down on the whiteboard. Subsequently, the contents of the Implementation FAQ were presented. These addressed some of the questions, others however remained open.

This page lists the questions, as well as pointers to pages that provide discussion/and answer related to the topic. Note: this page is just a list (a grouper), it does not contain discussion nor a response.

The questions/issues list:

  • When/how move to v3?
  • Local concepts, which global codes?
  • Transports
    • Legacy transports in place, move to transport "as specified by" HL7
    • Use of HL7 acks in combination with transport acks, multi-hop aspects of HL7 acks
  • Which parts of v3 corresponds with my existing format?
  • Inconsistency HL7/other standards (e.g. DICOM)
  • Extensions/localization
    • Cycle of pre-adoption of extensions, feedback to standards development
  • "Deprecated" is scary wording (related to Wrappers)
    • This is a known issue, see MCCI R2, wording will be changed to "for backwards compatibility only".
  • Marketing aids
    • who'd using it, what experience, testimonials, reference sites
  • v2/v3 mapping, for existing v2 applications, support for the mapping process
  • concern: standard toolsets vs. v3 specs (WS profile, schema)
  • learning curve too steep