2016-08-12 HSI CALL

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  • John Donnelly, Laura Heerman Langford, Didi Davis


  • Introductions, Agenda Review, etc.
  • Approve Minutes from previous calls - Moved to next call due to lack of quorum
  • Action Item Review:
  • Conference Calling Web Issue: Laura to update the web information for the scheduled calls the remainder of 2016 - Done
  • Glossary PSS: Laura will continue to draft the HSI Glossary PSS for review at the next meeting - Done (see HSI Glossary Project)
  • HSI Glossary
  • Syncronization with SKMT Pan-SDO Glossary resource work (Heather Graine; HL7 Terminology Auth, Education Committees)
  • Group reviewed the SKMT Glossary resource and discovered:
  • it is a massive cross-industry lexicon of terms and terminology models
  • the awareness of this Glossary by the healthcare industry and use by HL7 WG's is likely minimal
  • as opposed to establishing a new HSI Glossary resource, it might be best to just focus on adding the two specific terms of interest (profile and Connectathon)
to this SKMT (or another Glossary of choice)
  • PSS Template - Update & Plan
  • New Business
  • Plan next meeting 2016.08.26