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20131015 FGB concall

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HL7 TSC FGB Meeting Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#
GoToMeeting ID: 334-756-981

Date: 2013-10-15
Time: 8:00 AM U.S. Eastern
Facilitator: Ron Parker Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Quorum = Chair plus 2 yes
Chair/CTO Members Members
x Ron Parker x George (Woody) Beeler x Ewout Kramer
x John Quinn x Grahame Grieve
observers/guests Austin Kreisler
x Lynn Laakso, scribe


  • Roll call -
  • Agenda Review -
  • Approve minutes of 20130922 FGB WGM, 20130927_FMG_WGM_meeting, notes of 20131008 FGB concall
  • Action Item review:
    • Ron to develop a narrative to set the explicit expectations for FHIR specifically based on the TSC's expectations for DSTU level of rigor
    • FMG & FGB to each discuss term staggering
    • Ron will schedule Woody, Grahame, Ron, and Austin/John to be on a call to evaluate policy assertions with conformity to ISO Datatypes
    • Ron develop precepts from the risks (conformity assessments, appeal processes, composition of FMG)
    • Ron will address immediate need for "BAM-lite" with ArB.
    • Ron will follow up with John to establish a protocol for FGB chair representation in external stakeholder relationships wrt FHIR.
  • FMG update -
    • T3SD are asking FMG to consider an offer from publishing to assist in managing/publishing the FHIR standard for hl7, and how publishing might relieve FMG of some of this burden...What are FGB's and MnM's roles with respect to this effort as well?
  • Methodology update-
  • Next steps: Define and Resource other Governance processes.
    • FGB composition to support DSTU adoption customer base
    • Extract policy assertions and decision criteria from management decisions related to connectathon registration
    • criteria for seeking policy assertions,
    • escalation points on risk items triggering governance action


Convened at 8:02

  • Agenda Review - amended FGB M&C be brought along with recommendations for the new positions. ISO next week and Woody and John will be on Grahame's time zone. Grahame would rather have a breadth of perspectives in the governance than be part of the governance, as he's had trouble helping with quorum.
    • Discussion on clinical representation on the customers of the customers of HL7, the consumers of the products in which HL7 standards are incorporated
    • Ewout notes affiliate implementation expertise will become available as well.
    • Implementation of clinical systems using FHIR as developer's platform has its issues with methodology and clinical relationships, operational issues, notes Grahame.
    • Clinical representation - governance level or operational level? Further discussion on FHIR WG separate from FMG for core activity and a place to engage operational issues through FMG. Need some assertions on what the downstream intentions are for the DSTU and declaration of engagement with FGB to take some pressure off the core team. What about the implementers' council?
    • Grahame feels we need a clinical/safety structure similar to the FGB structure, as evidenced by a particular meeting in Cambridge. Structured Docs recommendations also discussed. Ron will develop a notional list of attributes and circulate it.
    • Affiliate relationship balance for the development of the asset versus the application of the asset discussed. Expertise in affiliate agreement mechanics and advice to the FGB sought on dealing with the activities of the affiliates as they take away FHIR and do their own implementations. When CAN, UK, or NL start producing resources, what do we need to do in bringing them into the standard?
    • Another perspective is that of the large public entities that consume FHIR like ONC and also corporations that incorporate into their products. This may be deferred a while.
    • HL7 being a focal point and catalyst for idea of standardization of workflow as well as content representation for interoperability. Is the CIC comprehensive enough to cover that realm? Need to identify this as a discrete problem not only for FHIR but SDWG and other areas, though it's a big area to tackle. How do we separate the concerns to allow them to interact constructively? John suggests discussion with Chuck.
  • Representation by more than one person on conversations with ONC on topics affecting the nature of the relationship (not the detailed development); Grahame agrees we need transparency on these discussions. Ron suggests he call on another FGB member to join. When ONC comes out of furlough we can address.
  • Ewout asks for status request on FHIR information on the HL7 website. Could we fit it into the banner - scrolling at the top. Action Item: Grahame will address with Electronic Services.
  • Ewout further adds that ballot comments interpretation is creating a lot of potential for change. Negative major and neg-mi need to be addressed but may be missing important things in the questions posed with Affirmatives. Ron cautions we have to scope the things we have time and resource to address in the DSTU, but acknowledge the other areas and contributions of ideas that can be addressed post-DSTU. Ewout notes that PA wishes to spend time on critical resources like Appointment. Woody reminds that often edits that come in with As are typos and they may not choose to spend work group time on them. Ewout notes if they focus exclusively on Negs they will not review the As at all. Grahame hopes they will address all the comments, not just the negs. Woody suggests someone in the WG go through them and triage for the important ones. Ewout thinks this may be an FMG thing. Perhaps FGB should assert to FMG our understanding of what is happening and make sure they are on the same page. Ron plans to attend FMG tomorrow and will raise it. How are these being addressed and what is the expectation for the January ballot.

Adjourned 9:00 AM

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