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2013-11-07 Tooling Call

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Tooling Meeting Template

Meeting Information

HL7 Tooling Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Location: Phone: +1 770-657-9270;
Participant PassCode:586935#
GoToMeeting URL:

Date: 2013-11-07
Time: 2PM Eastern
Facilitator: Dennis Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name, Affiliation
x Woody Beeler, Beeler Consulting
x Wilfred Bonney, HL7 HQ
Jeff Brown, HL7 ES liaison
x Dennis Cheung, co-chair, CIHI
Diego Kaminker, Education liaison
x Lynn Laakso, HL7 HQ Tooling Support
x John Quinn, CTO
John Ritter, EHR
x Andy Stechishin, Co-chair
Michael van der Zel, co-chair
Quorum Requirements Met (co-chair plus 3 counting staff): (yes)


Agenda Topics

  • Other/New Business

Supporting Documents


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  • Roll Call & Agenda Review - convened at 2:09 PM, agenda approved by general consent
  • Approval of previous minutes from 2013-10-24 Tooling Call Andy moves and Woody seconds approval; unanimously approved
  • Review action items -
    • Andy to notify the cochairs, editors and internationaladmin lists in addition to Tooling the intent of Tooling's consideration to drop support for Visio 2002 effective with review at 2014JanuaryWGM in San Antonio. He will follow up on this.
    • Andy will talk to John about Regex expression license. Not done - this is for the MWB tool for Mayo and NIST work. John asks Andy to send it to him as written documentation.
    • Andy will talk to John and Mark about an iOS developers' license for HL7. Not done; this is to publish apps if necessary.
    • Andy will follow up with Diego on the Education project. Not done.
    • Andy will forward the link to the FMG registry requirements to the list and do an assessment of how well HingX meets those requirements as well. Requirements sent but assessment outstanding.
    • Andy will check with TSC if the Tooling Dashboard or such dashboards are of interest still. Not done; will send a note to Austin and Ken.
    • Andy has some material on the Education requirements from Diego he will forward to Dennis to see if he can advance it. He will re-send to the cihi address.
  • Review Tooling Challenge description from Dennis for approval - only just sent to the listserv. Woody will review the background material
    • address judging criteria - Lynn will schedule a time with AMS and Woody to review.
  • Review inactive projects to be put on hold
    • PI# 992 Tooling Work Group Education Requirements and Plan - see Tooling_Education - ongoing; Dennis anticipating Andy's document
    • PI# 913 HL7 Tooling Challenge - ongoing
    • PI# 904 HL7/OHT Health Ingenuity Exchange Alpha Program Participation Jane will not be able to complete the project; Lynn reports Jane's status via a skype message: "If budget could be spared to help get the API work completed, that would be good. I expect to at least complete the Best Practices presentation yet this year but think any other deliverables should more appropriately be done by someone prepared to see out the project for the long term." Woody has not been able to complete the API testing since Josh left. He has not yet met with Josh's replacement. An XML to JSON conversion, where a transform could be done in about 45 minutes Woody estimated, was Josh's next step. Need to take the MIF files and convert to JSON and then posted to HingX API, once we know what metadata we wish to include. There was no direct knowledge transfer; might check with Mike. We need to identify what metadata goes into a HingX resource, then can assign to technical staff to implement. The only people on staff that understand the structure of the specifications might be Don and Karen but they cannot take this on. Staff can take an online HL7 course but technical familiarity by staff needs additional training. Resource constraints discussed. Other WGs set priorities for Tooling and Tooling tries to get it done; may not be the same priorities as the Board, TSC, SDWG, etc.
    • PI# 831 EHR-S FM Profiling Tool Phase 2 in progress
    • PI# 803 Tooling_Dashboard - on hold
    • PI# 802 Tooling Communication Plan and Execution - place this on hold
    • PI# 801 Tooling Strategy and Process Revision
    • PI# 742 Model Automated Exchange (MAX) for UML Models - keep active, progressing slowly
    • PI# 665 MIF based Publishing Phase II - Woody reports he's still doing work on it. Not actively pursuing editor for pubdb but includes V3 generator. Initial timeline included replacement of pubdb; still needs to be addressed.
  • John's needs addressed; budget figures for Tooling tend to be arbitrary based on what is left over after other projects. It's not driven by Tooling imperatives but by anticipated accommodation of changes to the membership model etc. Over the summer Andy notes it sounded like we would be trying to do conformance but that has been outsourced. We need to prioritize the strategy and budget for the items and see what the Board will fund and educate them on what will *not* get done. Andy reports other projects going straight to the Board and not coming to Tooling. MU initiatives are typically one source of such projects. Andy will speak to StrucDocs this week and report back if there are other projects out there.
  • Adjourned 2:51 PM EST

Meeting Outcomes

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