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Tooling Dashboard

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Tooling Dashboard

Gather Requirements

The status of the Workgroup is reflected by:

  • Number of Projects (Project Insight)
    • Tooling must maintain the necessary projects to complete work
  • Status of Projects (needs clarification)
    • Each project maintained my tooling needs to have milestones that are adjusted appropriately and met (more important on paid projects than volunteer)
  • Number of outstanding issues on GForge (and status)
    • Issues must be resolved in a timely fashion
  • Number of outstanding defects/request on GForge (and status)
    • The MIF defects need to be addressed regularly
  • Tracking against yearly budgetary goals
  • Tracking against strategic goals

Updating the dashboard to reflect the above statistics should ideally not involve direct intervention by HQ staff

Update frequency of the dashboard should likely be no more often than the regular meeting time frame

  • Tooling has weekly teleconferences, the dashboard would not need to update more frequently than a weekly cycle

(work in process)