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First Time Attendee Support Project

Project Information

This project includes all aspects of support provided by PIC for first time attendees including mentoring, presentations/tutorials, Questionnaire support and FTA lunch tables.
Click here to see Project Scope Statement status is: waiting approval

Project Lead(s)

  • Ken McCaslin (

Project Timeline

  • This is an ongoing project with recurring activities in support of each WGM.

Project Working Documents

Tutorial Presentation
FTA Questionnaire responses Atlanta2009 - coming soon
Proposed FTA Questionnaires
For FTA WGM Packets
For FTA Tutorial survey

HL7 Mentors

Role Description

The purpose of the HL7 Mentor is to provide guidance to new HL7 attendees on matters related to their engagement in HL7 activities. While this is targeted primarily at HL7 International activities, this guidance may also extend to HL7 Affiliate engagement.

All mentoring activities are volunteer and are not subject to fee for service.

Scope of Mentoring
The scope of the HL7 Mentor responsibilities includes the support of a designated new HL7 attendees(s) to effectively access materials, engage in topics of interest in a timely way, connecting to appropriate resources and HL7 leaders and/or volunteers, and optimizing member participation in HL7 International activities. Mentors may be experts either in HL7 content or organization/process to support new attendees’ needs.

Mentor activities are initially initiated at the Working Group Meetings but mentors may, and are encouraged to, continue this relationships beyond the WGM. Communication is intended to be informal, collegial, and supportive, assisting the new attendees to get the most out of their HL7 membership and potentially growing into new future leaders and/or mentors.

Key Requisites
Due to the range of needs experienced by new HL7 members, HL7 International strives to recruit the best qualified and most experienced HL7 members to act as mentors. To support this, HL7 Mentors should demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Been a member of HL7 International for at least 5 years,
  • Held at least 1 co-Chair or Affiliate Chair role
  • Attended at least 5 Working Group Meetings in the last 5 years
  • Participated in at least 5 ballots in the last 5 years
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • A clear and expressed interest in supporting First Time Attendees and new HL7 members

Additional qualifications which are considered an asset include the following:

  • Hold HL7 certification
  • Engaged in work that directly uses or influences HL7 International
  • Teaches HL7 education or tutorials
  • Speak multiple languages
  • HL7 Ambassador

Mentor Contact List

Project Requirements Gathering


To add a requirement for consideration by the committee edit the WIKI directly yourself following the template provided or email the PIC List Service (

Requirement Template:
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    • Source: enter your name and email address
    • Submitted on: enter the date of your submission
    • Committee Comments: leave blank
    • Status: Entered