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MCCI R2 refers to Release 2 of the MCCI domain. The MCCI domain describes the Transmission Wrapper, the Trigger Event, and core CPMs.

  • See MCCI/CACT R2 Project for the project plan and scope of MCCI R2, which will be committee balloted in January 2008.

Open Issues (non Batch)

Prior Decisions

See Batch Topic DSTU R1 Issues for all issues/motions related to Batch Wrappers.

  • MCCI R2 C1 reconciliation package contains agreed upon changes.
  • Accept Level Acknowledgement
  • Error Location
  • Harmonization: add priorTransmission to support Transmission Sequencing, Sequence Number Protocol
  • (closed) There is an action item for INM from Vocab: "Vocab TC recommends to INM and MnM that Trigger Events and Interation IDs become coded attributes with INM to determine what the datatype should be for them."
    • 20070109 WGM: INM realizes that it could be either, but doesn't feel the need to move away away from II.
  • (closed, for next release) Editorial: MCCI artefacts labeled as "deprecated" should probably be labeled "for backwards compatibility only". Once they have had that status for 2 normative releases of v3, their status will change to "deprecated".
  • (closed, for next release) AcknowledgementDetail.typeCode is optional - should this be mandatory instead ? Contains E, W, or I, a categorization of the acknowledgement code/text.
    • Motion to make AcknowledgementDetail.typeCode required (not mandatory), Rene/Andrew, 11-0-0. WGM 2007-01-09
  • add wording to MCCI Preface to explain rationale for fixing acceptAckCode to ER. Needs more wording for this is a sunstantive change.
  • HQ needs for us to include the previously balloted name in the preface of MCCI R2. This document was originally balloted as a component of the Infrastructure Management document
  • For the MCCI R2 preface related to batches: to replace “HL7 Query” with “'HL7 queries' in general” at the earliest convenient time, if the existing wording is used in the preface of the next ballot.