Transmission Wrapper (new wrapper mechanism)

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A Transmission Wrapper includes information needed by a sending HL7 Application to package and route the V3 interaction to the HL7 Application which is the designated Receiver. All HL7 Version 3 Interactions have an appropriately configured HL7 Transmission wrapper.

The scope of the Transmission Wrapper is limited to data which (in essence) is relevant for the MIL. Data processed by the receiving application instead of by the MIL does not belong in the Transmission Wrapper. In advanced MILs (e.g. Webservices, ebMS) the data as contained in the Transmission Wrapper have a direct equivalent in the form of MIL-specific transport headers.

  • See MCCI R2 for a list of decisions made since the release of MCCI R1, as well as open issues.


Sept2006 WGM: INM/SOA meeting.

  • Grahame: InM considering scrapping transport wrappers.
  • Doug: in the context of Messaging as well as SOA?
  • Grahame: yes, both.
  • Roberto: Be careful, transmission wrappers provides certain things above and beyond what is available with services; they are at different abstraction levels.
  • Grahame: New dynamic model central to concept of services. Suggests Alan talk to MnM.