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ESTWG ConCall-20141218

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EST WG Regularly Scheduled Calls Agendas

Thursday, Dec 18, 2014


  • Regrets:

Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda review and approval (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)
  2. Minutes review and approval
  3. Help Desk Liaison
  4. EST Board Report
  5. Tooling Strategic Plan Updates
  6. Project Updates
    • Technical Platform and Architecture PSS
    • EHR FM/FP Tool Pages
  7. Next Meeting - holiday
  8. Review of Projects 5 years or older
  9. Parking lot for upcoming meetings
    1. Review SWOT
    2. Review Combined project roadmap and prioritize

Minutes - DRAFT Version

  1. Agenda Approval and call to order
    • Chair: Lorraine Constable
    • Scribe: David Burgess
    • Attendees: Lorraine Constable, David Burgess, Andy Stechishin, Dave Hamill, Jeff Brown, Laura Mitter, Nat Wong, John Quinn (joined after Next Meeting Date agenda item)
    • Regrets: Tamara Kamara
  2. Minutes review and approval
    • 4 Dec 2014 Minutes – Approved
    Motion to approve by Andy Stechishin, seconded by Nat Wong.
    In Favor: 5
    Abstain: 1
    Against: 0
    • 11 Dec 2014 Minutes - Approved
    Motion to approve by Andy Stechishin, seconded by Nat Wong.
    In Favor: 6
    Abstain: 0
    Against: 0
  3. Help Desk Liaison
    • Andy reports having sent the procedure manual to Dennis
  4. EST Board Report
    • Andy sent report to listserv. Ken responded requesting some projected dates and further clarification. Report was reviewed by the group. Group commented on challenges with resources, and progress after the merger of ES and Tooling. Work within the work groups are moving forward, but not yet fully up to speed. Andy will make edits suggested by Ken, and will recirculate the report. Some suggested update included web design update, and personnel updates (Laura and Tamara).
  5. Tooling Strategic Plan Updates (2015-2018)
    • Andy and Loraine worked through a rough draft.
    • Looked at goals to see if/how the Plan aligns with the goals.
    • Discussed approving of the plan in parts or as a whole, determined to approve as a whole once complete.
    • Separate technical steps and measures and action plan from plan and goals.
    • Review goals and objective by end of WGM in San Antonio and submit to the board.
  6. Project Updates
    • Technical Platform and Architecture PSS
    This is now an official project and no longer a PSS. Work has been stated on this in the wiki site. Goal is to identify groups and individuals who have the data we need to move this project forward. We also need to gather existing documentation, divide the project into tasks, and look for volunteers to assist with the work.
    • EHR FM/FP Tool Pages
    Andy is in the process of getting information to Laura. Laura and Tamara
    • FHIR Registry
    Project is on the back burner until the New Year. Andy suggested FMG put the project on hold. (Project is ours, and we can place is on hold, but only want to do so at FMGs behest.)
  7. Next Meeting:
    • We will meet next after the holidays on 8 Jan 2015.
  8. Document Profiler
    • John Quinn talked with John Ritter. There is a call into Pat Van Dyke for sign off. Need to verify William did the jab and it is acceptable. Looking for wrap up shortly.
  9. WMG Agenda
    • Reviewed and update WGM Agenda
    • Reminder that several co-chairs are up for reelection.