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EST Minutes 20141204

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EST WG Regularly Scheduled Calls Agendas

Thursday, Dec 4, 2014


  • Regrets:

Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda review and approval (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)
  2. Minutes review and approval
    • Minutes for [2014-11-06_EST_Meeting_Minutes.doc| 6 Nov 2014]
  3. Help Desk Liaison
    • Dennis will consider, need instructions
  4. Vocabulary Tools PSS
  5. EHR-S FM/FP Final Deliverables
    1. Motion 1. Electronic Services and Tools (EST) Workgroup are asked to accept deliverable 12. Combine, Compare, Merge of the Profile Designer Tool.
    2. Motion 2. Electronic Services and Tools (EST) Workgroup are asked to accept deliverable 13: Final testing of all tool components of the Profile Designer Tool.
      • The deliverables 1 – 12 will be tested by the EHR and the Tooling workgroup. The EHR WG has been testing the tool through the actual development of FM ballots and FP ballots. These can be seen as acceptance testing of the overall functionality. A set of test reports is available. The final test report is placed in EHR co-chair Dropbox and in Gforge.
      • The materials are available at
    3. Motion 3. Electronic Services and Tools (EST) Workgroup are asked to accept deliverable 15. Final User Guide set for profiling using the Profile Designer Tool.
      • The R4C team created a range of user guides, one for each significant step in the whole process from starting a project to finalizing the publication. Each user guide has been reviewed by EHR WG members and many have been used during the various demonstrations, workshops, and other events. The set is ready and delivered to the co-chairs due to the copyright arrangements. R4C created a learning center for the tool using basic EA functionality, and stored the user guides on our server. We created a website with the recent FHIR look and feel to allow HL7 to place both the access page to the learning center plus all user guides and other documentation behind the secure site for members only. HL7 is currently working on the final publication site for members only.
      • The user guide and documentation set is placed in the EHR co-chair Dropbox and Gforge
      • The materials are available at
  6. Tooling Strategic Plan Updates
  7. EHR FM/FP Tool Pages
    • Need input from EHR-WG if materials need to be behind member wall
  8. Project Updates
    • Technical Platform and Architecture PSS
  9. Next Tooling Liaison Meeting planning
  10. Review of Projects 5 years or older
    • Andy went preliminary assessment to list for discussion
  11. Parking lot for upcoming meetings
    1. Review SWOT
    2. Review Combined project roadmap and prioritize
    3. Review call schedules


Attendees: Russ Hamm, Tamara Kamara, Dave Hamill, Laura Mitter, Andy Stechishin

Called to order at 4:07 pm Easter

  1. Agenda - approved
  2. Motion: Approve minutes from Nov 20 Tamara/Dave 3-0-1
  3. Dennis, Dave will send instruction to Andy who will forward to Dennis
  4. PSS for Vocabulary Tooling - changed scope to Vocabulary Tooling from IHTSDO Tooling
    • HL7 Value Set Definition not fully aligned with MIF
    • Motion: Approve the PSS with some minor changes Russ/Dave unanimous
  5. inadequate representation to proceed with deliverables approval, this item postponed for Liaisons call
  6. Postponed
  7. No discussion
  8. No discussion

Adjourned at 5:07 pm Eastern