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[Category:Arb_Deprecated_item]] This document outlines the ArB Communication Plan.

Published ArB documents

The ArB publishes the following documents.

[| Enterprise_Conformance_Compliance_Framework_peer_review_20100312.pdf]

[| Behavioral_Framework_for_peer_review_20100312.pdf]

SAEAF out reach

One ArB mission is to institutionalize Services Aware Interoperability Framework (SAIF). SAEAF outreach occurs by:

  • publication of the SAEAF document (see above)
  • training at HL7 meetings (Meeting times are announced on ArB email list prior to Working Group Meetings)\
  • posting presentations from internal HL7 training and outreach meetings (see (location?) for list)

possible future outreach methods:

  • flash video tutorials
  • Outreach to external agencies (announced and discussed in ArB email list as they occur)

email list

The main internal communication resource for ArB is the HL7 email list. Subscription to the email list is through the HL7 listserver page at , and is open to all HL7 members and non-members.


The ArB holds regular (weekly) teleconferences to discuss the various projects we are working on. Both regular and special teleconferences are announced on the email list.

Normal teleconferences are held at the following times - all times are U.S. Eastern:

March 4, 2010 11:00am EST
March 11, 20106:00pm EDT
March 18, 201011:00am EDT
March 25, 20106:00pm EDT
April 1, 2010 11:00am EDT
April 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
April 15, 201011:00am EDT
April 22, 20106:00pm EDT
April 29, 201011:00am EDT
May 6, 2010 6:00pm EDT
May 13, 2010 11:00am EDT
May 20, 2010WGM


The ArB wiki can be found at This document is hosted and maintainted on the wiki. The wiki is used for all internal & procedural documentation, for meeting agendas and minutes, and for working project documentation.

Skype channel

ArB uses a skype channel to help organise teleconferences, and to assist with communications during the teleconferences. The skype channel is open to regular contributers. To join the skype channel, send an email request to any regular ArB member. Skype may be downloaded for free from

Official Blog

Official positions of, or guidance from, the ArB that are of interest to the HL7 or related standards communities are published in the ArB blog at . Any member of the ArB may post at the blog, but content is only posted to the blog following approval during an ArB meeting or by ArB memebr consensus on the ArB email list.

Open Meetings

ArB meets regularly at normal HL7 working group meetings, and occasionally otherwise. Unless specifically announced, all ArB meetings are open to other HL7 members.

HL7 communications resources

ArB may also make use of official HQ or TSC communication resources, to either communicate directly with the committees, the membership, or to make official press releases. These communication resources are rarely used, and only when appropriate for the subject matter. Tony Julian