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2015-09-09 HSI CALL

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Home Healthcare Standards Integration (HSI)

Meeting Information

HL7 HSI Meeting Minutes

Location: Webex 925 644 875

Date: 2015-09-09
Time: 12:00 pm PDT
Facilitator John Donnelly Note taker(s) Todd Cooper
Attendee Name Affiliation
X Keith Boone GE
Hans Buitendijk Cerner
Chris Carr RSNA
X Todd Cooper C4MI
X John Donnelly Intepro
Laura Herrmann-Langford Intermountain
X Emma Jones Allscripts
Elliott Lavy QuadraMed
Alex Lippitt HIMSS
Mary Kay McDaniel Cognosante
X Chris Melo Philips
X Riki Merrick Vernetzt
X David Pyke Ready Computing
Scott Robertson KP
X Elliot Silver McKesson
Quorum Requirements Met: YES


Agenda Topics

  1. Welcome, attendance, agenda review
  2. Minutes Approval 2015-08-26 HSI Call
  3. IHE GAO Profile Review
  4. Issues Tracker Spreadsheet Review
  5. Fall HL7 WGM Planning
  6. Additional Business

Supporting Documents

  1. N/A


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

1 Welcome, attendance, agenda review

  • Agenda reviewed and approved without modification

2 Minutes Approval 2015-08-26 HSI Call

  • Minutes reviewed and approved as distributed (Riki moved / Elliot seconded; approved unanimously 6-0-0)

3 IHE GAO Profile Review

  • Keith briefed the group on the proposal to HL7 CDS to ballot the IHE GAO profile ...
  • @ HL7 2015 May WGM Keith discussed IHE GAO Profile balloting within HL7
  • Discussed balloting approach with Quinn & McCaslin and agreed that it could be processed as a recognized "external specification"
  • This would allow joint copyright / dual logo publication
  • HL7 CDS WG was also engaged and was supportive
  • Value of balloting in HL7 ...
  • This would obtain an HL7 endorsement for the specification
  • Provide strength to using this HL7-based profile as Accountable Use Criteria are collected and used in the U.S.
  • It was noted that the U.S. HHS is currently targeting standards selection early 2016 Q2
  • NOTE: The IHE GAO profile is in Trial Implementation status
  • HL7 ballot comments could be coordinated as IHE CP's with an update to the GAO profile
  • Proposal: Keith prepare a PSS for this balloting and engage the HL7 CDS WG
  • (Donnelly) CDS would be primary PSS sponsors; what about imaging and FHIR as co-sponsors?
  • (Keith) hadn't given thought to that but it makes sense
  • John updated the related tracker spreadsheet row(#16)
  • Question at whether the CDS-OAT profile should be included;
  • This could be added; however, it is older technology (V2 based) and it might overly complicate the engagement
  • No one on the call has experience with OAT
  • May engage Chris (?) to help
  • Motion to endorse Keith to prepare drafting the PSS, review it with the HSI and engage the HL7 CDS WG (Keith moved / Riki seconded; approved 7-0-0)

4 Issues Tracker Spreadsheet Review

  • Reviewed row #49 / item #15047 FHIR eCQM
  • Status is now in HL7 ballot
  • Discussion about engagement of QRPH
  • John will follow-up

5 Fall HL7 WGM Planning

  • Group discussed the agenda and HSI engagement for the upcoming HL7 WGM in Atlanta
  • Main HSI meeting is Thursday Afternoon ...
  • General HSI status update (co-chair elections will have concluded by then)
  • Project tracking Spreadsheet Review
  • HSI Coordination Processes Discussion
  • Strategic Planning
  • HSI Engagement of other HL7 WGs
  • General discussion about direct engagement of other HL7 WGs
1. FHIR Coordination
  • Look at which IHE profiles include FHIR resources / profiles
  • Create consolidated inventory
  • Identify and engage HL7 WG's that are responsible for each FHIR component
  • NOTE: John Moehrke distributed a list of 9 IHE profiles that would help jump start this effort
2. HL7 WG's identified on the project tracer spreadsheet
  • Create list for each WG and engage around HSI's coordination / facilitation role
  • Also include WG identification based on their HL7 web page external collaboration identification
  • Also determine the status of the items and validate whether they are still active or not
3. FDA UDI - Participate in the Tuesday Q2 meeting @ OO
  • This will be the primary topic for the next HSI call 2015.09.23

Meeting Outcomes


NOTE: See details in above minutes...

  • Minutes approved
  • Preparation of an HL7 PSS for balloting of the IHE GAO profile
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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