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20131106 US Realm TF Call

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US Realm Task Force Call Agenda/Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#

Date: 2013-11-06
Time: 5 pm Eastern DAYLIGHT Time
Facilitator Austin Note taker(s) Lynn
Attendee Name

Calvin Beebe
x Woody Beeler
x Joe Bormel
Keith Boone
x Lorraine Constable
x John Feikema
x Tony Julian
x Kensaku Kawamoto
x Paul Knapp
x Austin Kreisler,
x Lynn Laakso
Ken McCaslin
John Quinn
Pat Van Dyke
no quorum definition


  • Administrivia
    • Agenda review
    • Action Items
      • PSS on Standards 101 for ONC Contractors (Keith - after 11/13)
    • Review notes from 20131030_US_Realm_TF_Call
  • Inventory of note:
  • Review of any outstanding issues
    • Source of truth for value sets


Convened 5:05 PM

  • No new topics.
  • Austin discussed adding a list serv or distribution list for communication to and with the group. List is probably easiest, and when the task force is shut down it can be closed down as well. Should the list be closed or open? Paul notes that a closed list would allow more frank discussion. Send any email address that is not part of your membership profile that you want subscribed to Lynn. Initial list from those on the call today and those from the TSC and on the task force. TSC reps and ONC reps, not contributors.
  • Source of truth for value sets - a move is underway to get CCDA value sets into VSAC reports Austin from an email to SDWG cochairs.
  • Two projects at IHIC last week using vMR logical model, with Arden mapping to FHIR and one with several SOA specs, reports Lorraine

Adjourned 5:28 PM

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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