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20130918 FMG concall

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HL7 TSC FMG Meeting Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#

Date: 2013-09-18
Time: 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern
Chair: Lloyd Note taker(s): Lynn
Quorum = chair + 4 yes/no
Co chairs x Hugh Glover x Lloyd McKenzie
ex-officio Ron Parker, FGB Chair . John Quinn, CTO
Members Members Observers/Guests
x Lorraine Constable x John Moehrke x Lynn Laakso, scribe
x David Hay x Brian Pech Austin Kreisler


  • Roll Call
  • Agenda Check
  • Minutes from 20130911_FMG_concall
  • Administrative
    • Action items
      • Hugh will solicit a bio from Lavanian
      • Lloyd will create a draft of candidate criteria for triage process of ballot planning for review and endorsement on upcoming call.
  • Reports
  • Process management
    • Ballot Review
  • AOB (Any Other Business)


  • Roll Call - convened with quorum at 1:03 PM
  • Agenda Check - priorities on connectathon, finalize agenda for coming week, and approach to tackling ballot reconciliation. Moved by David, seconded by Hugh unanimously approved.
  • Minutes from 20130911_FMG_concall Hugh moves and Brian seconds; unanimously approved.
  • Administrative
    • Action items
      • Hugh will solicit a bio from Lavanian. Austin informed Lloyd that nominees are strongly preferred by HQ to be HL7 members, or voting members of their organization. Josh is not currently identified as a voting member of his organization - he is tasked with getting himself added to the list. FGB did not ratify the nominations as they were still unsure of the status of them. Hugh notes that FMG would have to change its M&C to expand the number of members.
      • Lloyd will create a draft of candidate criteria for triage process of ballot planning for review and endorsement on upcoming call. He has not done anything but Grahame is doing triage now on comments.
  • Reports
    • Connectathon management (David/Brian)
      • David notes on-the-day organization being addressed, there are only 4 people that couldn't get inside so they may not take up a room. He shows the introduction slideshow he will be giving. They might use a implementers group on skype to facilitate communication, or a Google docs site to allow multiple editing. Use of Google docs discussed. Use of conformance resource may indicate its usefulness.
      • Lloyd suggests we indicate our desire to identify issues from the ballot or other hot topics, in the connectathon. David also suggests we collect emails in advance or earlier on for setting up such tools. Lloyd notes that HQ has policies around distribution of emails. David suggests we solicit the individuals to share their contact info for information on activities in the week leading up to the connectathon.
    • FGB – Lynn reports highlights from 20130917_FGB_concall
    • MnM – continuing to make progress on FHIR methodology, ticking off 2 or 3 questions per call, notes Lloyd.
  • Process management
    • Ballot Review - almost 1000 comments, 150 Neg-Mj. Many comments are on domains and particular resources, so review with your groups. They will be moved to a Google Doc for simultaneous work.
  • Christopher Doss of NC State U joins the call.
  • FMG Liaisons
    • Hugh has concerns about dealing with ballot comments for Pharmacy when key individuals cannot be present, Tues Q3. Perhaps Hugh can join by Skype.
    • Lorraine reports OO has two quarters scheduled, with comments in first Q and planning in 2nd Q, while the scope of the work for two people remains intimidating. QA is all cleaned up and now dealing with more substantive ballot comments.
    • Lloyd asks for all groups to identify timelines for them to finish ballot recon and get identified changes made.
    • Lloyd also asks each WG to identify if they are comfortable publishing those changes as DSTU or would prefer a subsequent round of balloting.
    • Lorraine notes there are some WGs that still need to better define their scope boundaries. They will have to try to identify additional joint sessions needed.
    • Lorraine notes that CG has had some calls on resources outside the core set, but not anything on the WGM agenda. She also notes the interest for CDS vMR stuff using FHIR, as well as the S&I SDC folks.
    • Lloyd suggests you touch base with your liaison WGs at the WGM.
  • Spreadsheet in SVN has quarters, but the wiki agenda for Cambridge is not available (currently says Baltimore)
    • They will start at 8 for the F2F and Lloyd will send out the location. 8-10:30 with FGB, and 11-12:30 is just FMG.
    • Erroneous times were discussed on FGB, notes Brian, and ArB notes Lorraine- need proper agenda; Lloyd will try to get that out today.
    • David unavailable Q1 so Q2 discussion includes metrics during DSTU, whether to have a second DSTU ballot and what our criteria are for a go/no go decision, vMR and hData. Lloyd will be popping out of the connectathon to go to ArB Sunday Q1. Policy issues from ballots, liaison responsibilities also mentioned.
    • May want to address other emerging issues like SDC notes Lorraine. Need to track/manage projects that impact resourcing needs.
    • Leave time for ballot-related governance discussions
    • Hugh won't be in Cambridge, but would like to be able to Skype in if possible. Lloyd will check with Ron on getting a microphone.

Adjourned 1:51 PM.

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