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20130710 BAM Modeling

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TSC representatives and ArB to jointly develop content for the BAM for the Product Line Architecture Program

HL7 BAM Modeling Call Minutes

Location: call 770-657-9270 using code 985371#
GTM 111-567-781

Date: 2013-07-10
Time: 2 pm Eastern Time
Facilitator Ron Parker Note taker(s) Dave Hamill
Attendee Name

Calvin Beebe
Woody Beeler
Jane Curry
Bo Dagnall
Jean Duteau,
Tony Julian
X Austin Kreisler,
regrets Lynn Laakso
Cecil Lynch
Ravi Natarajan
X Ron Parker
Brian Pech
Melva Peters
Quorum Requirements Met: yes
quorum definition?



  • Review minutes of 20130529_BAM Modeling, notes of 20130612 BAM Modeling (no call 6/19), and 20130626 BAM Modeling
  • Action Items:
    • Ron will get back to FMG to acknowledge the discussion on the formation of WG, take this to the ArB to see what they can work out.
  • update of ArB a-ha moment on three axes of product platform as a paradigm (technology binding/context); product line as a business domain (Function), and product family as a methodology (Form)
  • discuss what SDWG need to do to develop a PSS.

Need to identify deliverables on

  • notional definition of what that product family/line would be
  • How you will stand up Governance, how you will stand up Management, how to stand up methodology. Agenda division, or governance one meeting/month, etc?
  • high-level market segmentation and statement of what they value, what constitutes success
  • PSS they would declare the interested parties, who are the customers, etc
  • Risks of doing or not doing the effort
    • Present a chopped down version of Governance 101 along with concrete suggestions on what to do with their agenda especially separating out governance and management and teasing out methodology as well.
    • Need BAM checklist for initiation of PSS for CDA IG Product Family and identify deliverables of the project WRT goals/objectives/risks, RACI chart. List of things you need to establish as part of the project.
  • Discuss Security Risk Assessment Cookbook process


  • Austin presented a Visio diagram depicting his brainstorming of the TSC Org Chart. It contained areas for the TSC, ArB, SD, WGs as well as an area for a Product Family Governance Board and Product Management Group structure. Ron suggest that perhaps we add a "Core Team" under each Management box

  • Ron’s ideas are something like the following:
    • He is looking for a correlation between Product Familys and Work Groups, so they know how to ‘self locate’.
    • However re-engineering the work groups to support this view may be too big of task to tackle
    • We’ll need resources to be strong in products as well as interoperability and implementation from a methodology perspective.
    • A methodology Steering Division may be a good idea with Product Directorate and Governance for Product Lines/Families be inside that

  • Austin would like to see a new form created - A Product Family Scope Form that would have the various pieces which would establish a project that stands up the product family. The project would explain ‘Here’s how we are going to structure the product family’; a Product Champion would be the leader; and have a team under them to support the work

Adjourned 14:58

Meeting Outcomes

  • Austin to forward the Visio diagram to Ron and Dave
  • Ron will discuss the Visio diagram with the ArB team.
Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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