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2013-03-14 Tooling Call

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Tooling Meeting Template

Meeting Information

HL7 Tooling Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Location: Phone: +1 770-657-9270;
Participant PassCode:586935#
GoToMeeting URL:

Date: 2013-03-14
Time: 2PM Eastern
Facilitator: Andy Note taker(s): Lynn Laakso
Attendee Name, Affiliation
. .
x Woody Beeler, Beeler Consulting
x Wilfred Bonney, HL7 HQ
x Joshua Carmody, HL7 HQ Tooling Administrator
Dennis Cheung, eHealth Ontario
Lorraine Constable, HL7 ES liaison
x Jane Curry, Templates, OHT liaison
x Austin Kreisler
x Lynn Laakso, HL7 HQ Tooling Support
x Abdul-Malik Shakir, CIC liaison
John Ritter, EHR
Rik Smithies, CS liaison
Rob Snelick, CGIT liaison
Rene Spronk, Marketing liaison
x Andy Stechishin, Co-chair
Michael van der Zel, co-chair
x Kayla Zirbes, HQ Intern
Quorum Requirements Met (co-chair plus 3 counting staff): (yes)


Agenda Topics

Supporting Documents


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:
Convened at 2:05 PM

  • Roll Call & Agenda Review
  • Approval of previous minutes from 2013-03-07 Tooling Call Jane moves and Lynn seconds approval. Unanimously approved
  • Nominations for Tooling Co-Chair open position to HQ. We currently have two co-chairs. Michael will likely rejoin the calls in April. Deadline is tomorrow for pre-announced nominations, write-ins are also permissible.
  • Announcement: MAX demo scheduled for April 11th (initial demo recording available but did not capture all voices clearly) Recording issues discussed. AMS will check with GTM to see if they have any answers. Woody has used it with the GTM voice and the recording is good.
  • Review action items -
    • #2445 Woody to write an article about 64 bit OS for RMIM designer - no report
    • #2503 Jane and Lynn need to get feedback from Tooling and the Board on the policy implications for the Tooling Strategy. No word back yet from the Board, but was to be discussed on Monday. Tooling may not be intended to be a members-only benefit. Austin reports that he would like to set up a meeting between Andy and the Board Chair to discuss tooling requirements.
    • #2506 Coordinate interaction with Vocabulary WG on UCPRS project (Andy) no progress
    • #2510 Rik will develop requirements for inclusion in a project scope statement to further flesh out the ontology work; no report
    • #2511 Michael will create a first draft product matrix reflecting changes based on the product strategy. No report
    • #2512 Lynn will follow up with John Quinn on EHR-S FM project extension approval supported by Tooling and outstanding approval by John Quinn - Lynn will add to her phone call agenda. Andy communicated Michael's anticipated return date of April to William and we're anticipating an updated contract.
    • #2513 Tooling to develop a template for what a tooling requirements report needs to contain. Assigned to Michael for now; AMS used as template for today's discussion
    • #2514 Michael will create a PSS for the UML Tooling BoF. Initial draft has not yet been circulated to the list. NO progress
    • #2515 Woody agrees to produce the scope to hack some transforms that will combine data from combined MIF files, and the message reference file that is generated as part of the ballot, to create submission content to HingX using the HingX API. In such a way that it gets the base definitional elements of the ballot and a summary of high level vocabulary dependencies and Concept domain dependencies. Jane suggests we add this to a PSS as a dependent project for the HingX participation. Josh's participation discussed and he'll draft the PSS along with Jane. The reason is for coordinating the handoff and target dates not just for documenting a task.
      • He looked into it a little bit and will convert to XML and then to JSON. Shouldn't be a problem to do it.
    • #2520 Josh to Update the EA license management process document. Josh is aiming for March 14. Not ready yet, push for three weeks.
  • Tooling M&C Update (needed) - Andy will have a draft for next week's call with liaisons
  • Review project updates:
    • PI# 742 Model Automated Exchange (MAX) for UML Models
      • MAX Requirements Gathering review
      • AMS reviews the document. This is a Tooling/CIC project and he will send this out. AMS moves and Jane seconds endorsement of the document for sending. Responses will go to the CIC. Andy would like Tooling to have access to the responses once complete after the April 12 cutoff. Michael would like to use the form and learn about its use from the responses.
    • PI# 801 Tooling Strategy and Process Revision
      • draft Gantt Chart for tasks related to new Tooling Strategy
      • Josh to draft design of wireframe for new Tooling Web page - Josh targeting March 14
  • Woody reports we dodged a bullet on updates for vocab in RoseTree and went to fix Visio. Distribution threw an error and trashed visio designers. His new release at 4.8.0 is stable but it's scary. Rational Software Architect work also exposed some errors. Continuing to use XMI to MIF to manage the RIM. Josh had been unable to open the RIM.New RoseTree deals with both old and new Visios. Need a MIF 2.1.7, notes Andy. May need transforms for 2.1.6 to 2.1.7 and 2.1.7 to 2.2. Will need to document the decisions to create 2.1.7 in a new PSS for maintenance of the MIF.
  • Suggestion to cancel March 28th call as Andy is unavailable and Michael may not be available. Jane moves and Josh seconds cancelling the call. Unanimously approved.
  • Next week is liaisons meeting.

Adjourned 3:00 PM EDT

Meeting Outcomes

  • Andy will have a draft M&C update for next week's call with liaisons.
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