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2015-03-23 Rx Conf Call

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  • Scott Robertson (chair)



Review of FHIR items

  • Requirements for Value Sets
    • Will be done as part of the QA. There will be a set of items that Jean will bring back to Pharmacy WG on March 16th
  • Status Codes
    • need to review the statuses that are proposed and compare - there are a set of common status codes - do we need these and also how we handle "entered in error"
Action:  John to review
  • New Gforge items
Action:  Jean will put a document together and send to list - discuss next week
  • Distinguish on types of prescriptions
    • we do not have a type on the prescription - we would consider this to be an extension
    • can consider this item closed
  • Timing Datatype
    • Pharmacy has 1 use case for timing data type - we want to be able to include interval on timing - this is in the set of requirements for the datatype - There is a tracker item - Pharmacy should add this use case (Tracker 3841)
    • John has wording to be added to description
Action:  Melva to add requirement to make sure it is part of the change - sent to Lloyd March 9, 2015
  • Need to determine next steps - deadline is March 22nd
    • Will we meet this deadline? If not, need to notify FHIR team ASAP

FHIR Examples

  • Examples are mostly finished - need to review once they have been generated (Jean)
    • Additional medication administration examples added
Action:Jean to generate the examples and send email
Action:  need to be reviewed once generated

List Serve

Link to List Serve Postings

CCDA Template work

  • John and Melva have continued to work on the attributes for the CCDA templates
  • have identified some items that need to be looked at - will report soon.
  • March 9, 2015 - no update

Use Cases for Supply Chain

  • Use Cases for Supply Chain - will bring in O&O and Pharmacy WG
    • IHE working on a White Paper - want a common pattern regardless of the type of product
  • Extensive discussion - Jose concerned about workflow and content - pharmacy mainly focused on content. There are also concerns about different groups in HL7 handling the same supply chain process in different ways.
Action: Jose to summarize the white paper and send to Pharmacy.
  • March 9, 2015 - no update


  • Jose still interested and has forwarded to Grahame and hence to Lloyd for comments from a FHIR perspective. No major comments.
  • Discussion of use cases - Hugh / John both felt existing resources have the information required, but workflow issues are not a part of the pharmacy resources. If there is some additional information required Pharmacy would be happy to add that.
  • March 9, 2015 - no update

Pharmacy Glossary

  • March 9, 2015 - no update

Clinical Quality Framework Initiative - developing profiles

  • work has led to a number of extensions -
  • Pharmacy will discuss the duration (over 5 days or where there is no start/end date)


Next meeting - March 30, 2015 at 4pm Eastern