2015-02-09 Rx Conf Call

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • John Hatem
  • Jose Texeira
  • Scott Robertson
  • Tom de Jong



Review of FHIR items added at FHIR Clinical Connectathon

  • Date Entered
    • this may be in Provenance, but it may be a different use case
Action: Jean will look into this
Action:  Jean will look into this

FHIR Examples

  • Discussion of what examples we should be providing for each of our resources
    • Melva is working on examples based on the list of examples that were identified during the San Antonio meeting

Pharmacy WG SWOT

  • for review and approval - deferred to February 9, 2015


  • Motion by Scott R. - seconded by John H. to approve the updated SWOT - Carried 3/0/0
Action: Melva to forward to HQ

Pharmacy 3 year plan

  • for review - deferred to February 9, 2015

3 year Plan

  • Project 1129 - Motion need to change target date
    • Moved by John H and seconded by Scott to extend target date to September 2015 WGM - 3/0/0 Carried
Action: Melva to update target date in Project Insight
  • 1073 - Scott to submit the NIB - before the deadline

WGM updates

  • Minutes - need updates for a couple of quarters - before can be posted - DUE Friday, Feb 6
  • WGM Effectiveness Survey complete
  • Room requests made prior to WGM

CCDA Template work

  • John has been working on the attributes for the CCDA templates
    • will use the spreadsheet to assess if we have deficits for our resources - it may be a new attribute or an extension
  • Update on Meeting held Feb 9th at 3pm Eastern with Brett and Gaye to discuss further
    • Feb 23 at 9am Pacific - next call


  • none

Comments on ISO e-prescription

  • Christoff has transcribed the comment received into the spreadsheet
Action:  Melva to send the spreadsheet to John Quinn and copy Christian Hay and Lisa Spellman to get them submitted - complete

Project (Stephen Chu)

  • has not been received - deferred until we receive the proposal
    • Jose provided some context - now called Medication Treatment Plan
Action:  Jose will get updated document sent to the Pharmacy WG list


  • For further discussion on an upcoming call (Jose)
    • Use Cases for Supply Chain - will bring in O&O and Pharmacy WG
      • IHE working on a White Paper - want a common pattern regardless of the type of product

Next meeting - February 16 at 4pm Eastern