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XML ITS R1 schema tooling issues

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This page has been superceded by use of the Gforge Bug Trackers for the V3 Generator


This page is used as a record of issues with the schema generator, and related tooling. It is jointly maintained by the Tooling Committee and the ITS SIG


missing classes in May2006 edition

status: NOT CLOSED (this has been referred back to INM as a content/process issue)

The following issue has been repeatedly send to the list without any response: The schema as present in the May2006 edition for the MFMI_MT700701UV01 message type misses some classes. See schema. See the R-MIM, top-right hand corner, subject1 and priorRegisteredRole. Note that priorRegisteredRoles is NOT a stub. Either the serialization or the schema generator contains a bug. I know this is a tricky model because it has multiple stubs, but these classes are in an area of the model unrelated to stubs. Rene spronk 09:20, 21 Jun 2006 (CDT)

Note: This issue persisted in the Sep2006 ballot. It resulted because the Visio content submitted by I&M in the VSD file INCLUDES the missing classes, wheras the Visio content I&M saved in the design repository (MFMI_RP.mdb) does not include it. The following was created from material submitted in July-August 2006 for Ballot 2006Sep.

Comparison of RMIM content in the Design Repository (left) and the Visio vsd file (right), as viewed in RoseTree