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Modifying the Definition of a Value Set

The name, code system, head code, allCodes setting and description of a value set can all be changed.

Element modifyValueSet

modifyValueSet has three sub-elements that are all optional - the ballotStatus, an oldDescription and a newDescription. The ballot status needs be present only if it overrides an outer ballot status setting. If present, oldDescription contains the existing description for the value set if any. If present, it will be validated by comparing it with the existing database. If newDescription is present, the description of the value set will be updated accordingly. modifyValueSet also has a number of attributes, which are listed below.

Attributes of modifyValueSet
newName If present, the name of the selected value set will be changed to newName.
codeSystem If present, the code system associated with the value set will be updated to this value.
allCodes If present, the allCodes setting will be changed to reflect this value
headCode If present, the head code will be changed to this value (or deleted if an empty string is supplied
headCodeName A designation for headCode. Optional but if supplied it will be validated against headCode.
Example XML for modifyValueSet

The above example:

  1. Changes the allCodes setting on “OrderableBeers” to false
  2. Removes any code system that may currently be specified
  3. Updates or adds a description.