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Ballot Status

[Not exposed in application]

ballotStatus reflects the current status of the document in terms of the RIM Harmonization process. A ballotStatus element can occur at multiple points throughout a vocabulary submission document, with the “innermost” status taking precedence. A ballotStatus has an optional note element that can be used to clarify the current state. ballotStatus has the following attributes:

Attributes in ballotStatus

The first component of a registerCodeSystem entry is the ballot status of the action. The ballotStatus entry is optional. If it is omitted, it defaults to the innermost surrounding ballotStatus. If, for example, the ballotStatus for addCodesForCodeSystem is omitted, the surrounding registerCodeSystem or selectCodeSystem ballotStatus would apply. If there is no surrounding ballotStatus, the status defaults to Proposed.

action the current status on this particular part of the submission as described by the table below
vote the actual vote (format: yy-nn-aa) where yy is the number of yes votes, nn the number of no votes and aa the number of abstentions. The vote attribute applies to Passed, PassedWithChanges and Withdrawn actions
ballotStatus action values
Action Meaning
Proposed The proposed revision has been proposed (default).
Passed The revision has passed RIM harmonization
PassedWithChanges The revision has passed RIM harmonization subject to the changes outlined in the note.
Tabled The revision has been set aside and will be reconsidered at a future time.
Withdrawn The revision has been withdrawn, voted down or otherwise has not been accepted. It cannot be reconsidered in this context.
NonVotingItem The revision consists of technical changes that do not need to be voted on.

Tabled and Withdrawn entries will not be processed by the tools used to update the RIM vocabulary database. In addition, Proposed items will be considered in error when the vocabularyRevision.documentStatus is Final.