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Modifying an Existing Code System

[Not fully exposed in application]

It is also possible to modify the contents of a previously registered code system. As with new code systems, it is possible to add new concept codes to the code system, new print names or properties to concept codes, and new relationships between concept codes. In addition it is also possible to modify the properties of the code system itself, modify or remove print names, descriptions, properties and relationships. It is also possible to retire concept codes from code systems and adjust subsumption relationships.

Element selectCodeSystem

selectCodeSystem has an optional ballotStatus element that can be used to record the vote on the entire modification. The first four selectCodeSystem operations (shown with a gray background in the figure above) have been discussed under registerCodeSystem (above), where they also apply. The remaining six operations are discussed in the following sub-sections.

selectCodeSystem has a single attribute, codeSystemMnemonic, that selects the code system to be modified.

Attributes of selectCodeSystem
codeSystemMnemonic The HL7 mnemonic code for the code system to be selected
Example XML for selectCodeSystem

The above example selects the “BEERS” code system for modification. Unless otherwise noted, all of the changes within the selection were passed by a 12-1-0 vote (the author being the single negative vote) with the provision that author will sample all of the changes before they are officially recorded.