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Updating the Print Name of a Concept Code

[Exposed under VS in application]

Print names for concept codes can be removed or updated, and the setting for which print name is preferred for a given language can be changed as well.

Element updateCodePrintName

updateCodePrintName includes an optional ballotStatus that reflects the status of the change if it is different from that of the entire revision.

Attributes of updateCodePrintName
conceptCode The concept code to be changed
oldPrintName The original print name
newPrintName The new print name. If omitted, the name isn’t changed. If present, but empty, the print name is removed.
languageCode The language code for both the old and new print names. Default: en. Note: the language of a print name cannot be changed. If this is necessary, the print name for one language must first be removed and then re-added under the second language.
isPreferred true means that this print name is the preferred one for the supplied language. Setting this to true sets all other isPreferred flags to false to for the given concept code/language.
Example XML for updateCodePrintName

The first entry above changes the print name of concept code “1004” from “LIGHT ALE” to “Light Ale”. The second entry changes the German print name for concept code “1004” from “Pils” to “Kölsch”. Note that this operation would fail if there wasn’t already a German print name “Pils”. The third entry changes “Lager” to be the preferred German print name if it isn’t already. If it is, this operation would still succeed. The fourth entry removes the “Kölsch” print name completely – a somewhat odd request since we went to all the trouble of changing it a couple lines earlier.