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Adding Concept Codes to a Code System

[Exposed under VS in application]

The registerCodeSystem operation allows concept codes to be added to the newly registered system.

Elements addCodesToCodeSystem

The first component of addCodesToCodeSystem is an optional ballotStatus as described above. Codes may either be added underneath an already existing concept code or as a completely new hierarchical node. In this context “under” is used to imply subsumption. If, for example, Pale Ale is a kind of Ale, the code for Pale Ale would occur “under” the code for Ale.

It is anticipated that the underCode option will be used primarily when rearranging existing code systems. Its attributes are:

Attributes underCode
conceptCode The concept code of an existing parent node
conceptName A valid designation for the parent node. conceptName is optional, but will be validated if it is supplied.

The newCode node identifies a new concept code to be added to the code system.

Attributes newCode
conceptCode The new concept code to be added to the code system. The code must not already exist in the system.
conceptName A valid designation for the concept code is required.

Each newCode entry can also include a description of the intent and purpose of the code. The description element is optional, but strongly recommended. Additional newCode entries may be nested underneath other entries as needed. The figure below shows a sample set of newCode entries.

Example XML for addCodesToCodeSystem

The above example adds four new concept codes as “root nodes” – 1001 (ALE), 1005 (PORTER), 1006 (STOUT) and 1007 (BITTER STOUT). It also adds concept codes 1002 (PALE ALE), 1003 (BITTER ALE) and 1004 (LIGHT ALE) as children of the ALE node.

Example XML for addCodesToCodeSystem on existing system

The example above shows how concept codes can be added underneath an existing concept code in an existing code system. In the example we add two new concept codes – 1008 and 1009 as children of the existing concept code 1006 (STOUT).