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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

V3 Publishing Teleconference

Meeting Information

HL7 V3 Publishing Meeting Minutes

Location: GoToMeeting ID: 212-860-120

Conference Call: HL7 Conference Call Service:

  • Phone: 770-657-9270
  • Passcode: 657896
Date: 2011-05-06
Time: 12:00-1:00 pm Eastern
Facilitator Andy Stechishin (AS) Note taker(s) Andy Stechishin (AS)
Attendee Name Affiliation
George "Woody" Beeler (GWB) Beeler Consulting
Jean Duteau (JD) Gordon Point Informatics
× Pete Gilbert (PG)
× Austin Kreisler (AK) SAIC/CDC
Patrick Loyd (PL) Gordon Point Informatics
× Don Lloyd (DL) HL7 International
Joginder Madra (JM) Gordon Point Informatics
Mary-Kay McDaniel (MK)
Dale Nelson (DN)
× Gregg Seppala (GS) Veteran's Administration
× Andy Stechishin (AS) Gordon Point Informatics
Rob Savage (RS)
Anita Walden (AW) Duke University
Quorum Requirements Met: Yes


Agenda Topics

  1. Agenda review and approval
  2. Role call and agenda
  3. Approve Minutes of previous meetings April 29
  4. Notes from Don Lloyd
  5. Around the table
  6. Future Business
    1. Deadlines and due dates
  7. Adjourn


Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Agenda
    • Called to order 12:00 pm Eastern
  2. Approve Minutes of previous meetings April 29
    • Motion: Approve minutes as posted AK/GS unanimous
  3. Notes from Don Lloyd
    • Issue - Ballot Spreadsheet amalgamation macro incorrectly populated the submitted by and email fields. This is a long term problem, is not new
    • Email issue with the ballot desktop from last week
      • Resolved: Mike Kingery made a change to email handler and also made change to Request to Withdraw email to populate the reply-to field
    • Will be meeting with pharmacy on Q3 Monday to cover issues in the last ballot
      • AS and AK promised to attend
  4. Around the table
    • PG:
      • The CDA Consolidation project will be using MDHT for the second iteration, Amnon Shabo has done 2 guides to date using MDHT
    • AK:
      • Report on some of the publishing objectives of the SAIF project to increase the quality level of HL7 ballots
        • Block publication of ballots of low quality
        • Use the Q/A report as a judge of readiness for the ballot materials to publish
        • Discussion on how to make the reports a quick indicator of issues
  5. Future Business
    1. Deadlines and due dates
  6. Adjourned 12:45 pm Eastern.

Meeting Outcomes

Actions (Include Owner, Action Item, and due date)
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Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items
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