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RnP Wednesday, June 3

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Corey Spears, George Cole, Zach McQuiston, David Tao, Brett Marquard, Darrell Woelk, Lindsey Hoggle, Robert Dieterle, Chris Brown, Ann Phillips, Benjamin Flessner, Keith W. Boone, Vinayak Kulkarni, Emma Jones, Lisa Nelson, Donna Quirk, Chethan, Leslie Kelly Hall, Matt Rahn

Project Status

PSS Approved by TSC Last Week Initial Outreach to HIMSS Health Story Project (Monday), and UPMC (Tuesday)


How to frame the questions: Lisa asked about using context for framing Meaningful Use defines:

  • Transfer of Care/Referral Summary
  • Summary of Care

Note: Need to make the point that this project is addressing "Automated Generation"

Contexts of interest include

Transition of Care (Inpatient)

  • Inpatient
  • Long-Term Care (aggregates SNF,LTC,Rehab)
  • Outpatient Primary Care
  • Outpatient Specialist
  • Home Health

Referral Summary (Inpatient and Ambulatory)


  • Inpatient
  • Long-Term Care (aggregates SNF,LTC,Rehab)
  • Outpatient Specialist
  • Home Health

Summary of Care (Ambulatory)

No destination specified

Four steps in Engagement Process

  1. Initial Outreach
    This is where we make organizations aware of the project, and ask whether they would like to participate, explaining at a high level how the process would work.
  2. Discussion of Project Scope and Expectations for Engagement
    This is where we explain how the project came about, and what we hope the organization will help us with, and how to complete materials we provide
  3. Responses to Questions returned
    This is where the organization provides feedback to us through whatever format we finally work out.
  4. Review of Responses
    This is where we summarize the responses and verify our interpretation of them with the engaging organization.

Todo for Next Meeting

Add a page containing how you think your questions might look to the wiki here