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RecordLifecycleEvent FHIR Profile Proposal

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Profile Details

Parent Resource

Constraints to be Applied

  • Constraint 1
  • Constraint 2

Extensions to be Applied

  • SecurityEvent.Event: Add location attribute
  • SecurityEvent.Event: Add reason/purpose attribute with code/value set
  • SecurityEvent.Event: Add policy attribute with uri pointer
  • SecurityEvent.Object.lifecycle: Add to attribute value set record lifecycle events from EHR-S FM Record Infrastructure Section
  • New AbstractEvent resource to expose Action who, what, when, where, why metadata from within multiple Clinical, Administrative and Infrastructure resources
  • Change SecurityEvent to generic Event resource (in this case to support Record Lifecycle Events)

Example Scenarios

Scenarios are based on trusted record entry management by EHR, PHR and other systems. Scenarios describe EHR record entry lifespan, in one chain (of trust), from point of record entry origination to point of record entry destruction/deletion, in another chain (of trust), from point of record entry origination to each ultimate point of record access/view. Scenarios describe lifecycle events occurring during record entry lifespan, such as amendment, attestation, exchange, access/use.

Scope of coverage

The scope of the RecordLifecycleEvent Profile is trusted Record Entry management by EHR, PHR and other systems. Scope includes Record Entry lifespan, from point of origination to each ultimate point of record entry access/use, to the final point of record entry destruction/deletion. Scope includes lifecycle events occurring at various point in the Record Entry lifespan. Scope is based on ISO 10781, EHR System Functional Model Release 2, and ISO 21089, Trusted End-to-End Information Flows.


Owning committee name

Electronic Health Record Work Group

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

  • Security Work Group
  • Community Based Collaborative Care (CBCC)

Expected implementations

RecordLifecycleEvent Profile describes how to implement the Record Infrastructure Section of ISO/HL7 10781 EHR System Functional Model, Release 2, using FHIR resources. Related EHR-S FM Functional Profiles are in place or under development for Behavioral Health, Child Health, Emergency Medicine, US Meaningful Use, Pharmacy/Pharmacist, Public Health, Records Management/Evidentiary Support and other domains.

gForge Users

FHIR Profile Development Project Insight ID

1126 - Definition of Record-Entry Lifecycle-Event Metadata (using FHIR)



  • November 2014 - EHR WG Internal Review

Balloting Requirements

  • Ballot with next FHIR DSTU or Normative Edition

Desired Ballot Date

  • [Next FHIR Ballot Cycle]