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PCCR-033-Support for Vaccination Records

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Description Support for Vaccination Records
Submitted by Alean Kirnak
Submitted date 2008-12-05
Status approved
Priority medium


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Vaccine Forecast Decision Support would like to make use of CareRecord as a payload format for passing data to and from the service. The required input is an immunization history and other medical summary data. The output is a validated immunization history and a recommendation for vaccines to be administered. Add-ing the following data elements will allow CareRecord to be used for this decision support and possibly other decision support applications.

(1) Need a way to express an immunization in terms of the diseases it targets - i.e. combo vaccines need to broken into doses by disease (shots vs. doses). For in-stance, Vaccine Family (targeted disease) expressed by dose (as opposed to by shot - combo vaccines may have more than one)

(2) Need to be able to show 3 separate groups within substanceAdministration tag: a.) Reported, b.) Validated by dose, including a way to express an invalid dose c.) Forecasted (which may repeat for different jurisdictions)

(3) EffectiveTime needs to include effectiveTime/low, effectiveTime/optimum, and effectiveTime/high

(4) Need a Partial Dose flag.

(5) CareRecord should be harmonized with POIZ. Investigation shows the two standards are already very close.

Fields needed by CareRecord include: a) confidentialityCode; b) uncertaintyCode.

A few tag names are also different but it may be better to either ignore the differ-ences or modify POIZ, which is also in DSTU. These include:

POIZ tag names:

  • administerableMedication.administerableMedicine.lotNumberText
  • administerableMedication.administerableMedicine.expirationTime

vs CareRecord tag names:

  • administerableMaterial.administerableMaterial.lotNumberText
  • administerableMaterial.administerableMaterial.expirationTime


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DMIM etc.