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PA ConCall 20090325

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   Call is scheduled for 1.0 hour
   Wed March 25, 2009 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time, GMT -5)
   Please consult [1] for your local times
   Phone Number: 770-657-9270
   Participant Passcode: 986210#


  1. Approve minutes from 2/25/09 PA ConCall 20090225
  2. HL7 Canada Harmonization Proposals
    1. Proposal: add EducationLevel codes - added 20090313
    2. Proposal: New PersonalRelationshipRoleType codes - added 20090317
  3. Proposal: Person Registry, add AdministrativeObservation parameter,
  4. Proposal: Patient Registry, add Find Candidates query parameters.
  5. Proposal: add Find Appointments Query to Scheduling domain
  6. RIM issue: Person.livingArrangementCode DEPRECATED


Gregg Seppala, Jay Zimmerman, Wendy Huang, Lloyd McKenzie


1. Skipped approving minutes from February 25

2.1 EducationLevel harmonization proposal

    • Confirmed that this affects only the HL7 EducationLevel code system (domain and value set specifications are ok).
    • Norman Daoust commented via email that the proposed definitions be improved; that was done.
  • MOTION (Jay/Wendy): PA endorses the EducationLevel harmonization proposal.
  • VOTE: 3-0-0

2.2 PersonalRelationship harmonization proposal

    • Concept Domains: (1) AssignedRoleType domain is referenced in ballot material but is missing from vocabulary. (2) PersonalRelationshipRoleType domain is referenced in ballot material (and noted in the RoleClassPersonalRelationship value set definition) but is missing from vocabulary.
    • Value Set: the PersonalRelationshipRoleType value set is too complex (matches detail of code system) but clean up is not part of this proposal
    • Code System: (1) Correct error that put Roommate under FamilyMember. (2) Add new values of Son, Daughter and Extended Family Member and include appropriate existing codes under them. Note that codes such as Adopted Son would now appear under Son as well as under Adopted Child.
  • MOTION: (Jay/Wendy): PA endorses the New Personal Relationship Role types harmonization proposal.
  • VOTE: 3-0-0
  • ACTION: Wendy will look into using the new Vocabulary Submission Package process posted on the HL7 Harmonization web site. This creates a processable XML file for implementing vocabulary changes.

3, 4, 5. Skipped because Rene was not on call

6. Briefly discussed impact of deprecating Person.livingArrangementCode. This was done several years ago at a harmonization meeting as a side effect of approving an observation type for living arrangement. Many PA models and CMETs still depend on this attribute. PA members may wish to make this a ballot comment in the current RIM ballot.