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Orders Models

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Orders Domain

Model Name Identifier Next Ballot Version Reconcile Project ID
Orders and Requests DMIM POOR_DM100000UV SEP 09      
Orders and Requests Pattern RMIM POOR_RM200000UV SEP 09 M2 [1]  
Compsite Order RMIM POOR_RM200999UV MAY 09 M2 [2]


  • Next Ballot is the next ballot cycle this model is expected to be included in
  • Version is the ballot version of this model for the next ballot
  • Recon is a link to last reconciliation spreadsheet from the last ballot cycle which included this model

Observations Domain

Model Name Identifier Next Ballot Version Reconcile Project ID
Observations DMIM POOB_DM100000UV SEP 09      
Observation Request Template POOB_RM210000UV SEP 09 M2 [3]  
Common Observation Template POOB_RM410000UV SEP 09 M3 [4]  
Common Observation List Query RMIM POOB_RM410002UV SEP 09 M3

Orders CMETs

Model Name Link to download Visio Status Ballot Documents
================================== ========================== ================== ========== =========
A_SupportingClinicalInformation CMET universal File:COCT RM200000UV01.vsd Normative Yes Description
A_SupportingClinicalStatement CMET universal File:COCT RM200010.vsd DRAFT No Doc Page
A_SupportingClinicalStatement CMET minimal File:COCT RM200014.vsd DRAFT No Doc Page
A_Observation CMET File:COCT RM120000.vsd File:Reconciliation.xls Yes Doc Page
A_ObservationDx universal CMET File:COCT RM120100.vsd File:Reconciliation.xls Yes Doc Page
A_ObservationDx minimal CMET File:COCT RM120104.vsd File:Reconciliation.xls Yes Doc Page
A_ObservationIntolerance CMET File:COCT RM120300.vsd File:Reconciliation.xls Yes Doc Page
A_ObservationGeneral universal CMET File:COCT RM120500.vsd File:Reconciliation.xls Yes Doc Page