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MnM Minutes CC 20121114

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M&M Conference Call 4:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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Pech, Kreisler, McKenzie, Beeler


Approve Minutes Prior Meeting on October 24

and accept agenda - motion - AK/BP 3-0-0

Project in re Training for Facilitators

Austin noted that the TSC raised the issue of Facilitator availability. It appears to limit projects that can be completed and the quality of those that are underway. The TSC discussed alternate means of grooming and training facilitators. Webinars were one idea. The Education Committee was approached, and is interested, but they will need to look to MnM, Voab, Tooling, Publishing for participation in developing and presenting content.

Discussions with Publishing expanded ideas to include PodCasts, mini-video tutorials, etc. The Electronic Services Committee (ESC) will be asked to participate in regards to supporting and distributing the content.

Within MnM, obvious considerations include: Methodology overviews; Model Patterns; Harmonization Proposals; How to in re Modeling. Noted also that we should scan Renee's "HL7 Video" content for source material;

Questions for ESC - How should we capture screen-record plus voice for videos? Is the Citrix material (Webinars, GoToMeeting) and related records readily distributable and playable??

Motion: MnM Agrees to Co-sponsor project coming forward AK/LM - unanimous

Defining Methodology for FHIR

Lloyd McKenzie opened the question, in part because there are a couple of focal issues to resolve.


FHIR - has little "methodology" in it although the source files "expose" the properties embodied in the Methodology

Should include things like:

  • What is good practice
    • 80-20
    • How to structure a resource
    • What do we want to "manage" or "control"
  • What are the artifacts defined in FHIR specification
    • What properties define an artifact

Extant issues that Lloyd had identified:

  1. Naming guidelines for Model Elements
  2. Process for managing elements that may need a history

Initial Process for Methodology Definition

(approved as a motion LM/AK unanimous)

  • Start with Structured Set of Methodology Questions
    • What needs to be answered in order to have a Methodology?
  • Review/manipulate/coalesce these into a target set of questions that the Methodology will answer
  • Generate first-pass answers to the questions (priorities set by FMG, FGB)
  • Solicit electronic review (on Wiki) and refine as a result
  • Follow with a vote and refinement from the vote
  • Publish formally, but maintain an ongoing process to update as needed
  • Revise as experience in FHIR development points to soft, incomplete or incorrect areas.