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MnM Minutes CC 20121024

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M&M Conference Call 4:00PM Eastern Time (Date above)

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Austin Kreisler, Woody Beeler, Andy Stechishin, Bob Dolin, Wendy Huang, Lloyd McKenzie, Brian Pech

Approve Minutes Prior Meeting on 10/17

Moved/seconded by Kreisler/Stechishin and approved unanimously

"Radical" RIM Idea from Structured Docs

Bob Dolin observed that the RMIM diagrams for HQMF and CDA R3 were virtually useless as a basis of understanding because of the requirements to represent the full set of RIM sub-types, several times over in various Choice boxes.

He notes that if all of the attributes of the classes in a particular specialization hierarchy were collapsed into a single root class (with the assignment of a classCode being the determinant of which attribute set to use), then these choice boxes would reduce to a single class, with the choice being expressed by the "value set" that controls the "classCode" attribute. The result would be a readily interpretable diagram that represents the same logical structure.

In discussion, it all agreed that comprehension is VERY DIFFICULT for a full-RIM visual model. This was discussed as initially visual representation challenge and most agreed that alternate representations could and should be created for visualization and comprehension of the base model. If this change were made to the RIM itself, however, it would relegate the "binding" of appropriate attribute sets to specific class codes to a set of rules that would be difficult implement, maintain and monitor. Further, if this pattern is used to reduce the schemas there is no mechanism within the schemas to validate the attribute content for specific class codes.

Additional Harmonization Proposal for MnM Endorsement

Wendy Huang presented a proposal to add a single code to the AdressUse code system. The requirement for this code has arisen in HL7 Canada. The proposal missed the initial proposal deadline through oversight on her part. She made a motion to have MnM (a) endorse the proposal, and (b) ask the Harmonization Meeting to accept the proposal as an exception to the rules. Such a request would be considered on the first day of Harmonization. Lloyd McKenzie seconded and the proposal carrie3d unanimously

Review Action Items For MnM

Note the following list, and amend the list to assign selected items: