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MnM Minutes CC 20081107

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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)


McKenzie, Kreisler, Seppala, Stechishin, Coller, Beeler, Singureanu


  • Approve Minutes October 31
  • OK Issue of Draft For Comment ballots on Core Principles and RIM
  • Harmonization pre-QA review
  • Harmonization week schedule
  • Other TBD

Approved: Austin/Andy Unanimous


Approved Minutes October 31 as LLoyd/Andy unanimous

Approve Ballot Releases

Beeler sought approval to release Draft for Comments ballots on "Core Principles" and the RIM. Vocabulary will be updating Core Principles, and Beeler plans to complete some of the sections previously just "blocked in." The4 RIM will be the latest release, plus changes to the Introductory material as proposed by Technical Editing Project. Motion to approve: Lee/Andy Unanimous

Harmonization Meeting detailed schedule

Discussed and adopted the following -

  • Tuesday, November 11 - Discussion/planning of Vocabulary management, processing and clean-up - In-person - Klein, Beeler, McKenzie, vanHentenryck. By TeleCon - Hamm, Kreisler, others.
  • Wednesday, November 12 - No M&M meeting. Will join ARB discussions of behavioral models.
  • Thursday, November 13
    8AM - 11AM Entity Name Proposal discussion/Join ARB
    11AM - Lunch Join ARB
    PM Harmonization
  • Thursday, November 14 - AM Harmonization

Approval to submit Harmonization Proposal

Lloyd noted that proposal "VOCAB_INM_canada_5_CA-200811-31 - Add User RoleClass" was reviewed with I&M who felt that this should be supported by M&M. The proposal was complete and submitted on time. Lloyd asked if M&M would approve submission of the proposal. The group agreed to consider it.

Motion to approve submission with amendments discussed during the call: McKenzie/Seppala Unanimous


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