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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)


  • Approve Minutes October 03
  • Continue Versioning Discussion from Vancouver
  • Confirmation of Harmonization deadlines
  • Use of gForge for Harmonization
  • Approval of past minutes
  • Other TBD



Austin Krysler, Abdul-Malik Shakir, Jean Duteau, Lloyd McKenzie, Andy Stechishin, Ionna Singeuranu, Craig Parker, Greg Seppala, Woody Beeler

Approval of WGM Minutes

Motion: Approve harmonization submission deadlines to Oct. 19 and Nov. 3, respectively: (Abdul-Malik/Andy 6:0:0)

Discussion on whether 4 weeks notice is necessary. Agreed it is appropriate to allow for travel

Confirmation of Harmonization Deadlines

  • Motion: (AMS/Andy) to move the harmonization deadlines to October 19th and November 3rd. Motion passes (7:0:0)

Use of gForge for Harmonization

  • It has been proposed that we use gForge tracker functionality for collection harmonization proposals.
  • The consensus was that this is a good idea, but there were concerns about using it for this cycle. There were concerns about the ability go extract the data for off-line viewing.
  • Motion: (Craig/Andy) Harmonization proposals will be allowed (but not required) via gForge this cycle on an individual basis if the submitter obtains prior approval from Woody. gForge postings will need to be copied and pasted to a Word document and posted to the regular harmonization site. Motion passes (7:0:0)

Continue Versioning Discussion from Vancouver

Approval of Minutes

  • Motion: (Woody/Andy) to approve minutes from last week's call. Motion passes (7:0:1).

Items for Next Week

  • Plan for Data Types R2 and Wrappers R2.
  • Future management of HDF.

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