MnM Minutes CC 20081003

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M&M Conference Call Noon Eastern Time (Date above)




Mead Walker, Gregg Seppala, Jay Lyle, Woody Beeler, Lloyd McKenzie, Craig Parker, Lee Coller, Andy Stechishin

Approval of WGM Minutes

Motion to approve the Vancouver WGM minutes. Lee/Woody - Motion passes. (7:0:0)

Revised Introduction for RIM

  • Reviewed Jay Lyle's proposal for the revised introduction to the RIM.
  • Woody suggested the addition of an ISO-style scope statement. This will help in the future when we take this to ISO. He also suggested sections for "references to other standards" and "definitions of abbreviations and acronyms", also making it easier to take to ISO. Ultimately we decided not to force the HL7 documents to adopt all ISO styles, so we will just add the ISO formatting when needed.
  • This will probably go in as a draft document in the January cycle.
  • RIM 2.21 will contain the changes from the last harmonization meeting, but not the changes from the WGM.


  • Reviewed Lloyd's versioning proposal.
  • See hot topic for modifications to the proposal.
    • There was discussion about how to manage publication version information in relation to things like MIF files and schemas where the files may not change at all between the publication of different versions. It was agreed that MIF files and other source files would only contain this information when included in a publication. Lloyd will propose a location within these files to place this information.
  • This information will ultimately live in the "Core Principles".
  • Lloyd will publish the revisions to the proposal on the MnM list for discussion and we will visit this topic again next week.

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