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Shakir, McKenzie, Beeler, Stechishin, Seppala, Nelson, Kreisler, Spronk, Neat, Parker, Coller


Approval of Minutes

  • September 5 minutes
    • Beeler/Stechishin - unanimous
  • Vancouver WGM minutes
    • To be approved at a future date

Approval of Project Scope Statement for RIM Balloting

  • Beeler/Nelson unanimous

Verify Conference call & Harmonization schedule

  • The committee reviewed the upcoming MnM schedule. No objections or concerns were raised.

Questions from AMS re: submitting harmonization proposals

  • For questions about submitting vocabulary submissions, he was directed to the "Vocabulary Maintenance Language (Value Set Revision)" on the wiki.
  • He asked if it is possible to have a different value set for a qualifier than for a base code. -> Currently this is only supported in MIF.
  • He asked how to restrict ActStatus? -> Propose a new valueSet.


  • Lloyd
    • Versioning artifact ids does not buy us a lot.
    • Versioning of packages is more useful
    • Rather than having artifact versions for interactions, say I'm using NE2006.
  • Woody
    • This tends to leave out the pre-adopters
  • Lloyd
    • This is addressed by having ballot editions
  • Woody
    • Conformance to a given edition or ballot is sufficient.
  • Lloyd
    • If we identify the edition or ballot, separately identifying the versions of the artifacts is redundant. The way that we are currently specifying the version on artifacts is not sufficient.
  • Woody
    • How do we know if something has changed between editions or ballots?
    • Do we want to keep assigning version ids to artifacts (this has been useful for CMETs)
  • Lloyd
    • We could use ARTIFACT_ID[DATE] to reference specific artifacts
  • Woody
    • Tooling would have to be changed to support this
  • Gregg
    • Aren't CMETs always bound by name (not version)?
  • Lloyd
    • Yes
  • Gregg
    • How do we reference a specific version of a CMET?
  • Lloyd
    • Versions of the same CMET should be compatible
  • Woody
    • We need to draft a proposed solution that addresses the multiple constituents.

Action: Lloyd will lead the effort to draft a proposal. Woody will participate. Lloyd will solicate other participation.

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