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MnM Minutes CC 20070302

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March 2, 2007


  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Craig Parker
  • Austin Kreisler
  • Lee Coller
  • Mead Walker
  • Dale Nelson
  • Rick Chestek
  • Charlie McCay
  • John K???


  • Minutes from last Friday's call
  • Hot Topics
    • Model Support by Reference
    • Serialization

Minutes from last Friday's call

  • Motion to accept(Dale/Lee - no objections)

Hot Topics


See Hot Topic.

Charlie gave an overview of the problem, highlighting how the solution for an object-based approach does not work well for an XML-based approach. MnM has strongly advocated that we maintain object-based semantics. INM felt that this was not the most desirable solution.

The issue boils down to the following: Do we include hints in the meta-model to allow optimizations for certain ITS's? Alternatively stated, is it appropriate to add implementation annotations to the meta-model to allow us to design better ITS solutions? There is the question about whether these hints would be ITS specific, or if the could be general enough to be used by different ITS's where appropriate. The desire is to have the be generally applicable.

Motion: The HL7 metamodel will consider capturing metamodel information whose sole purpose is to allow optimizations or improvements in the behaviour of implementations. (Charlie/Dale - 6:0:2) Motion passes.

Motion: The HL7 metamodel will be revised to include a code to indicate whether a class may be sent by reference or by value, where the reference is to a specific class within the same instance. The specific codes will support "by reference only", "by value only", or "by reference or by value". This decision will be discussed by MnM at harmonization and reviewed at the Thursday night Facilitators' Roundtable in the May 2007 Working Group Meeting. (Charlie/Dale - 6:0:1) Motion passes.

Action: Charlie will work with the Conformance TC to establish the appropriate wording about refinement and localization rules surrounding the proposed code. We will review this at the Working Group Meeting.


See Hot Topic.

Motion: MnM supports the inclusion of metamodel elements for providing serialization rules to determine collapsing, and changing business sort order. (Charlie/Craig - 4:0:2) Motion passes.