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March 17th 2009 CBCC Conference Call

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting


  1. Ioana Singureanu Scribe
  2. Suzanne Gonzales-Webb - CBCC Co-chair
  3. Richard Thoreson
  4. Tony Weida
  5. Rob McClure
  6. Pat Pyette
  7. Milan Petkovic
  8. Steven Connoly
  9. Kathleen Connor
  10. John Moehrke
  11. Russ Hamm


  1. (5 min) Roll Call
  2. Meeting Minutes approval:(unanimous); Agenda approval ( unanimous):
  3. (20 min) Vocabulary Proposals for Harmonization
    1. Motion#1 (Pat/Ioana) CBCC to Approve the Canadian Vocab Proposal re: ActInformationAccessCode - Accepted friendly amendment to change "access" to "consent" in "Display Name".:approved unanimously
    2. Motion#2:(Tony/Pat): CBCC approve To include additional concepts in ActInformationAccessCode for Substance Abuse and Mental Health concepts. The descriptions will be harmonized with the Canadian proposal for consistency. - approved unanimously
    3. Motion#3 (Pat/Ioana): CBCC to approve the Canadian Proposal for ActConsentType - we need additional changes to take into account purpose as a separate qualifier for information access. The group agrees with the intent of the proposal but it will be rejected - motion rejected. This proposal was rejected with the intention that it will be improved and resubmitted for the next harmonization meeting in July.
    4. Motion#4: (Rob/Pat)- Deprecate "ActInformationAccessCode" and reference " "ActInformationCategoryCode" and modify all references in information models.
    5. Motion#5: (Pat/Rob): Approve "ActInformationCategoryCode" for harmonization: approved unanimously

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