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KnowledgeModule FHIR Resource Proposal

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The KnowledgeModule resource provides a structure for the representation of clinical quality artifacts for decision support and quality measurement domains.

NOTE: This resource proposal has been superseded by the following more granular proposals:

Owning committee name

Clinical Decision Support Work Group

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

1187: FHIR-Based Clinical Decision Support (CDS-on-FHIR)

Scope of coverage

A knowledge module is a description of a quality improvement function made available by a knowledge evaluation service. A module may correspond directly to an artifact or group of related artifacts, or it may correspond to functionality provided by the service and not necessarily associated with any tangible knowledge artifact. The knowledge module serves as the descriptive unit for functionality supported by a knowledge service such as a decision support service, measure evaluation service, or other quality improvement service.

RIM scope

Resource appropriateness

Decision Support Services, Quality Measurement, and Population Health Management are critical aspects of healthcare delivery with numerous products in the space, both as stand-alone quality improvement services, as well as built-in rule-engine type deployments within EHRs. The focus of the KnowledgeModule resource is to provide a standardized mechanism for representation of the logic involved in these services, as well as a mechanism for invoking them. These have been described as "Use Case 1" and "Use Case 2", respectively, of the Clinical Quality Framework Initiative. A more in-depth discussion of these use cases can be found here: Clinical Quality Framework Use Cases.

Expected implementations

In addition to general interest from the Clinical Quality and Decision Support communities, the CQF initiative has several pilot projects in various phases of completion:

Clinical Quality Framework Pilots

Content sources

Example Scenarios

Knowledge Sharing

The ability to programmatically share executable knowledge artifacts as described in the Clinical Decision Support Knowledge Artifact Specification.

Knowledge Evaluation

The ability to programmatically request and process decision support guidance and quality measurement as described in the Decision Support Service specification and relevant HQMF-related specifications.

Resource Relationships


A KnowledgeModule may reference a person or organization as contributors, publisher, and/or steward of the module.


A KnowledgeModule may reference structure definitions as part of representing the data requirements for the module.


A KnowledgeModule may reference a value set as part of representing the data requirements for the module.


Each GuidanceRequest and its associated GuidanceResponse will reference a single KnowledgeModule to identify the module describing the guidance being requested.


This work is being performed as part of the reconciliation of ballot comments received against the Clinical Quality Improvement Framework FHIR Implementation Guide. We hope to have the content ready in time to support the Jan 2016 FHIR Connectathon.

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