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ModuleDefinition FHIR Resource Proposal

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NOTE: This resource proposal has been withdrawn in favor of refactoring the content into the following structures:

The ModuleDefinition resource provides a mechanism for describing the data requirements for an executable knowledge module. The resource contains elements which correspond one-to-one with the declarations in a CQL/ELM document:

  • Identity (including version)
  • References to included libraries
  • Terminology references (code system and value set)
  • Expression/Function definitions
  • Data Requirements (retrieve expressions within the components

Owning committee name

Clinical Decision Support Work Group

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

1187: FHIR-Based Clinical Decision Support (CDS-on-FHIR)

Scope of coverage

RIM scope

Resource appropriateness

Expected implementations

Content sources

Example Scenarios

Resource Relationships


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