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July 14, 2015 CBCC Conference Call

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Community-Based Collaborative Care Working Group Meeting

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Meeting Information


Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Johnathan ColemanCBCC Co-Chair x Mike Davis Security Co-Chair Max Walker CBCC Co-Chair
. Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCC Co-Chair John Moehrke Security Co-Chair x Jim Kretz CBCC Co-Chair
x Kathleen Connor . Ken Salyards CBCC Interim Co-Chair Lori Simon CBCC Interim Co-Chair
x Diana Proud-Madruga x Rick Grow Harry Rhodes
Serafina Versaggi x Ioana Singureanu David Bergman
. Steve Eichner . Steve Daviss . Wende Baker
x Reed Gelzer . Marlowe Greenberg . Chris Clark, WV
. Paul Knapp . Matt Peeling x Brian Newton
Lisa Nelson x Mike Lardiere . Amanda Nash
. Mohammed Jafari x Oliver Lawless Keith Boone
. Neelima Chennamaraja Susan Litton Sandra Huyck
William Kinsley Debbie Bucci Chirag Bhatt
. Linda Bailey-Woods Lee Wise Lori McNeil Tolley

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  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Meeting Minutes from July 07, 2015 CBCC Conference Call
  2. (10 min) Confidentiality codes discussion - Kathleen Connor
  3. (10 min) Patient Friendly Language for Consumer User Interfaces - (Standing Agenda Item) Update - Document Update
  4. (05 min) Ballot reconciliation: Data Provenance (Standing Agenda item)
  5. Behavioral Health Domain Analysis Model (HL7 BH DAM) Update update
  6. (05 min) October 2015 CBCC Working Group Meeting - Atlanta, GA 29th Annual Plenary & Working Group Meeting October 4-9, 2015
    1. Please send desired items to Suzanne for inclusion to the upcoming Agenda
  7. (5 min) Joint EHR, Security, and Privacy Vocabulary Alignment - Diana Proud-Madruga/Reed Gelzer
  8. (10 min) Action Item Review (if any)

Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Meeting Minutes Approval (July 7)

The WG unanimously approved the minutes from the July 7 meeting.

Behavioral Health Domain Analysis Model (HL7 BH DAM)

MOTION: To approve submission of a NIB for the BH DAM.

Vote: 0 objections, 0 abstentions, 11 affirmatives

  • Ioana and the project team would like to engage more with the SMEs. There is a follow-on call on Thursdays. Ioana will send an invite to the CBCC mailing list.
  • The final ballot has to be submitted on September 3.

Discussion on the need to make a technical correction to confidentiality codes for harmonization - Kathleen

  • Kathleen and Ken Salyards had a discussion where Ken pointed out that there was a duplication of usage notes in the HL7 Vocabulary. The HIPAA usage notes ("Normal") was also duplicated mistakenly by Kathleen in the "Restricted" notes.
  • Kathleen wants to put the correct confidentiality code - the one that was approved at harmonization - into the proper usage notes. She will have to ask the Harmonization meeting participants to allow her to add the technical correction to the agenda. It would be helpful to have a vocabulary facilitator (preferably a co-chair) from the CBCC WG to be present on the call.
    • The call is next Tuesday, July 21 at noon Eastern. Kathleen will send the logistical information to Jim and Jonathan.

Patient Friendly Language for Consumer User Interfaces - Ballot Document update

  • Rick said that following the completion of ballot reconciliation during last week's teleconference, he has made final edits to the ballot document which is currently undergoing a QA process. Once this process is done, it will be submitted to HL7 for publication.
    • Need to obtain a publication request form and get it approved.
    • Can start to withdraw the negatives right now. Rick is working with Suzanne to fulfill the procedural steps for publication.

Ballot reconciliation: Data Provenance

  • All of the ballot reconciliation is complete. The project team is moving forward with preparing the reconciled documents for publication.

Joint EHR, Security, and Privacy Vocabulary Alignment

  • The definitions for the EHR Lifecycle Events are less than adequate. The project team has started to look at these events and the ISO 21089 Trusted End-to-End Information Flows document.
  • It was determined that the work being done on the Vocabulary Alignment project is intended to inform this ISO document. That, in turn, will drive and address the issues with the Lifecycle Event definitions and will also include the EHR-S Functional Model definitions.
    • The team is going to review the existing definitions and, on its Tuesday project calls, bring forth proposed definitions that will then influence the EHR definitions, which in turn will make it easier to do the vocabulary alignment because they will have better definitions to work from.

Meeting adjourned at 1130 PDT