ITS WG 2010 January WGM agenda

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Phoenix WGM Jan 2010

Tentative, for discussion

  • Wed Q1 Review WGM agenda; call for nominations for new co-chair/write-ins; review current technology
  • Wed Q2 SAEAF Alpha project/New ITS
  • Wed Q3 SAEAF Joint meeting
  • Wed Q4 SAEAF Alpha/New ITS
  • Thu Q1 SAEAF Alpha/New ITS / RIMBAA joint (Rene spronk : yes, joint with RIMBAA. See RIMBAA 201001 WGM Agenda)
  • Thu Q2 Ballot reconcilliation - XML ITS Struct 2.0; Datatypes 1.1; Structures 1.1 (informative), V2.XML
  • Thu Q3 Continued ballot reconciliation; Rio Planning