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RIMBAA 201001 WGM Agenda

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Agenda for the January 2010 WGM in Phoenix

Monday Q3 (room: Sedona 3) Business-Icon.jpg Technical med.gif

Meeting Attendance - :

At Name Affiliation Email Address
  Peter Hendler Regenstrief, US
  Rene Spronk Ringholm, NL
  Michael van der Zel Groningen University Hospital,
and Results4Care, NL
  • Approval of agenda for the week (5 minutes)
  • Administrative agenda items
    • Announcements
      1. RIMBAA co-chair election (today only)
    • Approval of the minutes of the RIMBAA meeting in Amsterdam (5 minutes)
    • Motion to organize two RIMBAA meetings in Europe in 2010 and to designate those as out-of-cycle meetings; the European meetings are to be held inbetween regular WGM meetings (e.g. June and November).
      • Note that a March 11 out-of-cycle RIMBAA meeting has already been approved during the 20091027 out-of-cycle meeting.
    • Draft agenda for the Rio WGM
    • Accept/reject work item to describe best practices / approaches for GTS implementation (as suggested by Ewout)
  • RIMBAA Product presentation: Greg Kuhnen and Scott Parkey (Axolotl) to present an architectural/RIMBAA overview of the the Axolotl Elysium suite using examples from Axolotl's next generation MPI component. (30 minutes)
    • Use of a MIF-based generated Java library for application data manipulation
    • Experiences using DB2 pureXML as a transactional RIM data store
    • Implementing probabilistic matching in a RIM based person store
  • RIMBAA Product presentation: Duane Bender (Mohawk College) to present an overview of the EVEREST Toolkit which is based on collapsed MIF models. The overview will focus on RIMBAA aspects of the toolkit: the architecture of the tool, MIF collapsing, code generation, and the manipulation of collapsed RIM objects in-memory.
  • Work on the deliverable(s)

Monday Q4 (room: Sedona 3) Technical med.gif

  • Product/Tooling demonstrations
  • Virtual Medical Record WG (vMR) Presentation: (Andrew McIntyre, 30 minutes)
    • Keywords: vMR overview (see Virtual Medical Record (vMR)), use of GELLO, MIF-gelloclass-UML transforms, RIMBAA aspects of the ongoing vMR effort.
    • Andrew: I aim to demonstrate how GELLO can operate over a VMR (The one we have is a basic one, but RIM like, as in the one in the GELLO standard)
    • GELLO gives the possibility of scripting RIMBA for decision support and dynamic template editing/calculated values. This can be used for Arden like functionality and decision support with GLIF (Guideline Interchange Format). I aim to demonstrate importing mif/export xmi to create GELLO classes and give a tour of the language using an interpreter we have developed.
    • RIMBAA and VMR are potentially the same animal and I would aim to show the VMR models that are currently under development and compare that with RIMBAA. I would also like to show some template based editing that uses gello to control the display dynamically and interact with SNOMED-CT in real time.
  • RIMBAA Product presentation: RIMBAA Aspects of the DB2 PureXML database (30 minutes).
  • RIMBAA in the (SA)EAF Matrix (Michael van der Zel)
  • Discuss impact of proposed RIM changes to RIMBAA

(MnM: Monday Q3) Technical med.gif

(Tooling: Tuesday Q6, 19:00-21:00) Technical med.gif

Wednesday Q2 (room: Sedona 3) Technical med.gif

  • Topic: Model Driven Software Development (MDD)
    • MDD could be regarded as a best practice when it comes to RIMBAA application. What does it take to do fullblown model driven software development? PHI Technology effectively has accomplished MDD.
    • Sidebar question: What's missing in the HDF/the HL7 EAF in current v3 tooling - what are the things we'd need to have full support for MDD in HL7 v3?
  • Project presentation: DSL and MDD (Charlie McCay)
    • Charlie has been working on Domain Specific Language work and will also present the relationship between HL7 and horizontal software industry methodologies (including MDD)

Thursday Q1 (room: Suite 1366) Technical med.gif

  • Joint meeting with the ITS WG (hosted by ITS)