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INM Pre-May WGM out-of-cycle Meeting

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INM has held an out-of-cycle meeting (the board has approved it) related to Transmission and Transports in San Antonio immediately prior to the WGM.


The intent was to do mini-harmonization for the Transmission and Transport domains, and in addition, to find solutions for some of the festering issues that exist in the overlapping areas between these areas. These issues are long running issuesthat do not fit well into the ballot process, and we have been struggling to find time or a process to give them any substantial consideration.

There are a large number of outstanding issues. Generally,there is a scope question relating the concept of interactions, transmissions, transports, how they inter-relate with each other, and how the historical HL7 approach relates to approaches taken in other industries or by other standards bodies (note that we use these other standards for actual transport).

See below for the agenda; also see the list of confirmed attendees.

Agenda (Draft)

The agenda for Saturday Q4 and Sunday Q1/Q2 was determined by "triaging" the open issues list at the start of the Saturday Q4 meeting.

Saturday 6 May

  • Q1 Overview & ATS
    • (first 15 minutes) Setting the scene - overview of approach (Miroslav will create initial draft)
    • ATS - issues
      • Overview: Miroslav will present an overview of open ATS issues. See Open ATS Issues.
      • Topic: Revised HL7 Messaging Architecture. Explanation of the rationale, main features, components, and layers.
        • Note - all the participants are kindly requested to study the document that has been sent out to the InM list on Friday, 14th of April, with the Subject "List of proposed changes to the ATS Messaging Architecture", until such time the contents of which are moved to Wiki
      • Topic: ATS Glossary definitions
      • Topic: When are 2 messages "the same"? See known issues on the page.
  • Q2 SOA - issues
    • Overview: The SOA SIG will present a whitepaper with an overview of the various issues, the charter and overall approach being proposed. See slide deck at: [1]
      • Open discussion on the overall approach (timeboxed!)
      • SOA4HL7 Requirements
      • Methodology for defining services and creating service implementations, including approaches to conformance and profiling
      • Infrastructure / Framework (including discussion of v3 Artefacts that should be left to other protocol and technology standards)
  • Q4 Open
    • Agenda planning Q4 and SUN Q1,Q2: Determine priorities and quarters when as-yet undiscussed topics should be discussed

Sunday 7 May

  • Q1 Open
    • Agenda planned SAT Q4
  • Q2 Open
    • Agenda planned SAT Q4

Additional Topics (if time permits)

  • Topic: is Batch a unit of processing (i.e. does it exist at the abstract level) or is it just a Transmission grouper?
  • Topic: MCCI R2 Requirement that transports be reliable, set acceptActCode to ER
  • Topic: overlapping functionality between HL7 & the transport protocol (e.g. reliability, commit ack, sequence number protocol)
  • Topic: (after SOA discussions): create a HL7 Messaging Architecture document instead of ATS, group with MCCI in 1 ballot?