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FamilyMemberHistoryGenetics FHIR Profile Proposal

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Adds additional information to a family member history supporting both the capture of mother/father relationships as well as additional observations necessary to enable genetics-based risk analysis for patients.

Profile balloting plans


Profile Details

Profiled Resource(s)

Constraints to be Applied

The following constraints are applied to the FamilyMemberHistory resource as necessary:

  • Constrain the cardinality of the data elements within the resource.
  • Constrain the mustSupport attribute of the data elements within the resource.
  • Define searchParameters as necessary for the resource.
  • Constrain vocabularies for the resources as applicable.

Extensions to be Applied

The following extensions are applied to the FamilyMemberHistory resource as appropriate:

  • Clinical genomics specific extensions.

Example Scenarios

  • Query Examples for each resource.
  • Query Result Examples for each resource.

Scope of coverage

  • Subject: patient
  • Disciplines: Patient Care, Clinical Research, Public Health
  • Delivery Environment: Inpatient, Ambulatory, Community, Emergency, etc.


Clinical genomics.


Owning committee name

Clinical Genomics

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

  • None

Expected implementations

gForge Users

  • Gil Alterovitz
  • Gaston Fiore

FHIR Profile Development Project Insight ID




  • July2016

Balloting Requirements

  • Ballot with next FHIR DSTU or Normative Edition

Desired Ballot Date

  • End 2016