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Suggest should have some similarity to MedicationAdministration

<Immunization xmlns="http://hl7.org/fhir">
 <externalID><!-- 0..* Identifier External Identifier --></externalID>
 <status value="[code]"/><!-- 1..1 Administration event status -->
 <patient><!-- 1..1 Resource(Patient) Patient --></patient>
 <practitioner><!-- 1..1 Resource(Practitioner) Practitioner (responsible Health Care professional) --></practitioner>
 <performer><!-- 0..1 Resource(Practitioner) Vaccine Administering Provider Name --></performer>
 <visit><!-- 0..1 Resource(Visit) Current Encounter / Admission --></visit>
 <wasNotGiven value="[boolean]"/><!-- 0..1 Is event negated -->
 <reasonNotGiven><!-- 0..* CodeableConcept Reason event is negated --></reasonNotGiven>
 <whenGiven><!-- 1..1 Period Effective time --></whenGiven>
 <reported value="[boolean]"/><!-- 1..1 If self-reported -->
 <medication><!-- 0..1 Resource(Medication) Medication --></medication>
 <lotNumber value="[string]"/><!-- 0..1 Vaccine Lot Number -->
 <dosage>  <!-- 0..* Medicine administration instructions to the patient/carer -->
  <doseSequence value="[integer]"/><!-- 1..1 Dose Number -->
  <site><!-- 0..1 CodeableConcept Entry site --></site>
  <route><!-- 0..1 CodeableConcept Rout of administration --></route>
  <method><!-- 0..1 CodeableConcept Administration method --></method>
  <quantity><!-- 0..1 Quantity Dose quantity per dose --></quantity>