FHIR and Other Specifications

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This page provides supplementary information to the discussion of the relationship between FHIR and other HL7 standards found here. It provides a place to capture relationships between FHIR and non-HL7 standards as well as a means of documenting more detailed implementation guidance and strategies for interoperating with, converting between and otherwise forms of co-existence between FHIR and both HL7 and non-HL7 interoperability standards.

HL7 Standards

(include additional implementation guidance or other considerations not covered by the main FHIR specification)

HL7 v2

HL7 v3 (messaging)


Non-HL7 Standards

(create a section for each standard, optionally grouped by SDO. Each section may address both the relationship of the standard to FHIR as well as interoperability strategies)