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This page contains preliminary scoping discussion on the question of what resources will be needed to manage the ordering/fulfillment process, and more generally planning, scheduling and reminders, in a fHIR-based restful environment.

Ordering / Requesting


(if this is different to ordering)

Summary Lists

? Do we need a resource for this?

  • i.e. medication list, problem list, goals list
  • generally represent a subset of the full information for each list
  • prepared for a particular purpose, but that purpose
  • metadata:
    • Who prepared it
    • when it was prepared
    • why it was prepared
    • how it was prepared (method, sources considered)
    • who it was intended for
  • LM: I think a summary list is just a special type of "organizer". Document sections and sub-sections serve the same purpose. They have a type & title. The "who" metadata probably isn't as important, but still applies. Lists and other organizers are ways of collecting "like" resources together for a particular use - often presentation, but sometimes for other reasons. They may or may not have anything to do with Workflow.