FHIR Clinician Connetathon - January 2015: San Antonio

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The January 2015 connectathon for clinician is renamed as the Clinician Connectathon. This is the second international event following the Chicago clinician connectathon held during the September 2014 HL7 WGM.
This subtle name change is made to help reduce confusion over who is eligible to participate and to better reflect the intent.

The Participants
This event is open to all clinicians attending the January 2015 HL7 WGM.
Clinicians who are interested will need to register for the clinician connectathon (Friday, 01/23/2015 Event) when signing up for the January 2015 WGM.
Registration is required so that HL7 HQ knows how many to expect and organise the required infrastructure and catering.
Some web sessions may be planned before the meeting to prepare participants.

Note - the clinician connectathon is intended for clinician participants to test and review FHIR resources against clinical requirements defined in the clinical storyboards/scripts.
Non clinician participants interested in FHIR connectathon can join the technical connectathon event. Details of FHIR technical connectathon are available here:

Decision at Thursday 11 December 2014 PCWG-FHIR conference call:

- The January 2015 Clinician Connectathon participation will be limited to clinicians.
- Proposal to admit non-clinician as observers to clinician connectathon will be reviewed leading up to the May 2015 clinician connectathon

Registration/Participation Fee
No additional fee will be charged for clinician participants who registered for the full January 2015 WGM event.
For future clinician connecthaton, decision on registration fee will be reviewed and decided by HL7 HQ. Further information will be available when HL7 HQ has determined the relevant policy decision.

Date and Location

Date: Friday, 23 January 2015


  • Q1 - Introduction: storyboard(s), FHIR resources, tooling/test environment, start testing resources against storyboard(s)
  • Q2 - continue resources testing by participants
  • Q3 - continue resources testing; group discussion, debriefing
  • 3:30 - 4:00pm: Summary and next step
  • 4:00pm: Event close
Note - the closing time is a guide only. It is possible that the event may run the full day and close at 5:00pm.

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA


The January 2015 clinician connectathon is open to all interested clinician.
Interested participants should register through the HL7 January 2015 WGM Event information webpage:

FHIR clinician connectathon is listed under:
Friday, 01/23/2015 Event

Clinical Storyboards

The primary clinical story for the January 2015 clinician connectathon will be on a patient with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension. The scope will include clinical history, family history, clinical assessment, care plan and referral request.
Note - other clinical storyboards developed for September 2014 clinician connectathon may also be used.

  • 2015 January Clinician Connectathon script: Chronic condition with care plan and referral request - long version
- Chronic Condition: clinical management with care plan and referral request - Long version updated 2015-01-18
(Note - this storyboard is an extension of the Chronic Condition storyboard used in September 2014 Chicago clinician connectathon)
  • 2015 January Clinician Connectathon script: Chronic condition with care plan and referral request - short version
- Chronic Condition: clinical management with care plan and referral request - Short version updated 2015-01-18

  • Clinical storyboard used in previous clinician connectathon:
- Acute Care Storyboard for Sept 2014 FHIR Clinical Connectathon - updated 2014-06-19
- Allergy/Intolerance Storyboard for Sept 2014 FHIR Clinical Connectathon - updated 2014-06-13
- Immunization Storyboard for Sept 2014 FHIR Clinical Connectathon - updated 2014-06-18
- Home Care Storyboard for Sept 2014 FHIR Clinical Connectathon - updated 2014-06-16

Useful Information and Resources

  • FHIR Clinician Connectathon Orientation Webinar Session recording (12 January 2015):

  • Introductory information for January 2015 Clinician Connectathon:
- Introduction to Clinician Connectathon Tool 2015-01-12
(Note - this document contains introductory information on the January 2015 clinician connectathon processes and tooling environment)

  • FHIR Clinician Connectathon tool:
(Note - this is the tool that is developed for use during clinician connectathon. Feel free to explore and get familiar with the tool environment)

  • FHIR Clinician Connectathon feedback document on GoogleDoc:
(Note - this is the spreadsheet used to capture clinician comments/feedbacks on FHIR resources and tooling environment)

  • FHIR Tutorials:
http://www.slideshare.net/DavidHay5/fhir-for-clinicians (Tutorial for clinicians)
http://vimeo.com/112905640 (FHIR tutorial for executives)