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Datatypes R2 Issue 62

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Data Types Issue 66: AD.use PHON+SRCH


Add PHON and SRCH as use codes to the AD data type (akin to AD). Addresses and names are most commonly used (in potentially a phonetical fashion) to identify a person.

? backward compatible.

There is no use-case for 'storing' names/addresses with a SRCH use-code, as it is query specific.

In other words, SRCH is no longer a desirable feature for AD. A "flag" to indicate that something is SRCH should not be part of the datatype spec, but should be solved in a different manner.
Also see Datatypes R2 Issue 56. See also Query Parameters


Lloyd: When sending an address over the wire, you need to express what the address represents. In some cases, it's not a physical address or postal address, it's intended for searching.


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